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Try Rugby USA Clinic A Success thanks to Top Rugby Players, Coaches and WWE Superstar Sheamus

The top Rugby Players, Coaches along with WWE Superstar Sheamus were all on hand as a part of the Try Rugby USA Clinic that was held in New York City . This is a part of a series of Rugby events all helping to promote the mega London Irish v Saracens match that will be held […]

1495 Sports Live WWE Results: Monday Night Raw 10/1/12

Fans of the WWE are invited to stay tuned to this page for the most up-t0-date results from Monday Night Raw on 10/1/12. Include thoughts from longtime pro wrestling fan Stacy Podelski. Recap of the C.M. Punk/Mick Foley confrontation from last episode. Raw begins with C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman carrying the WWE Championship. Punk […]

1495 Sports Live WWE updates: Friday Night SmackDown 9/14/12

1495 Sports has this WWE live updates from Friday Night SmackDow on 9/14/12, includes thoughts from longtime fan Stacy Podelski. Alberto Del Rio in the ring stating his case as to why the Brogue Kick from Sheamus is so dangerous. Brings in Christian via satellite to help his cause. Daniel Bryan comes out to add […]

1495 Sports Monday Night Raw results and thoughts 9/3/12

For the first time in becoming a three hour show, Monday Night Raw actually delivered a pretty decent show from start to finish. There weren’t as many jobber matches, but instead pretty solid bouts and the development of a very interesting storyline. The Flagship brand continued with the heel turn of one C.M. Punk who […]

1495 Sports WWE weekly recap

There is a ton of buzz surrounding the WWE, after the historic 1,000 episode of Raw, and 1495 Sports has these thoughts for all fans of professional wrestling. Probably one of the biggest things to have the WWE Universe buzzing, was the actions of C.M. Punk, as the Straight Edge star ‘turned his back’ on […]

1495 Sports: Live Monday Night Raw Results for 6/25/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring the results for Monday Night Raw on 6/25/12: AJ starts the show-continuing the crazy chick storyline and love triangle between the Diva and Daniel Bryan/Punk and Kane-supposedly AJ is going to break-up with all three men tonight-stay tuned. Four weeks until Episode 1,000 for Monday Night Raw Big Show […]

1495 Sports live WWE Chat on a special three-hour episode of Raw

1495 Sports is proud to bring this live updated from a very special three-hour episode of Monday Night Raw, so if you are a WWE fan make sure to refresh this page for the most up-to-date information: John Laurinaitis starts the show only to be interrupted by Mr. Vince McMahon: Vince this is all about […]