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SummerSlam was solid though no one stole the show

The SummerSlampay-per-view was touted as one of the hottest events of the summer, and though the WWE put on a solid show…there was really no one person or memory that stole the show.

C.M. Punk talking to a crowd during a Survivor Series pep rally in NYC. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

Normally when you think pay-per-view there should be one moment or memory that will define the show, and in this fans opinion SummerSlam really didn’t have any special moments. From the top to the bottom it was just a very solid night for all of the stars in the company.

There were several moments that would make a fan go, whoa or that was amazing-but overall pay-per-views should have this buzz and energy around it. SummerSlam did not really deliver that one moment, and if this was supposed to get more eyes on WWE programming it may be an interesting result the company will get.

Starting the night on their social networking sites with a free appetizer, as Antonio Cesar took on Santino Marella for the U.S. Championship. Cesar has been on a roll for a while now, and earned his first championship with the company with a victory over Santino.

One of the matches of the night was the bout between Dolph Ziggler and Chris Jericho, as these two stars left everything in the ring with a back and forth bout that was the one thing that had fans wanting more.

Jericho was able to pick-up the hard earned victory, but this match did do something for Ziggler as well as the young lion showed a little taste of what is to come as a future champ with the company. Here is hoping that the company is smart and continues the feud between these two, and doing something to where Dolph is propelled to the level of a cornerstone piece for the WWE.

In probably what was the wasted talent of the night was the bout between Daniel Bryan and Kane. Bryan should really be up there with the C.M. Punk’s, Chris Jericho’s and Dolph Ziggler’s of the company. Here is hoping that after the latest victory and with WWE fans reacting to every move he makes Bryan will have a rivalry worth his time and talent.

Another memorable moment was seeing The Miz come out to his Awesome balloon entrance again; it was colorful outfit night for all the WWE Stars as Rey Mysterio started what would be an interesting trend.

Mysterio came out to the ring with an outfit that paid homage to Batman, as the mask had the pointy ears and the star even wearing a cape. Rey wasn’t the only star having a colorful outfit, in which fans will have to stay tuned to see who the others are.

Again it was a solid bout between these two stars, continuing what was a trend of very good wrestling for the WWE. The Miz was able to retain his title to prove that not only is he back; but he can in fact knock off the big stars in the company.

It should be interesting to see what the company will do with The Miz; this fan hopes that they will give the young lion some interesting feuds. The Awesome One can instantly propel not only himself, but the Intercontinental Championship to a different level if given a good rivalry.

There is going to be a bit of controversy surrounding the World Heavyweight Championship as Sheamus picked-up a victory over Alberto Del Rio, even though the Mexican Aristocrat’s leg was clearly on the bottom rope.

Sheamus wisely swiped the leg away after this victory; this is bad news for those wanting a new feud for Great White. Ever since the WWE booked Sheamus vs. Del Rio the fans really haven’t given it the energy needed to make it a great rivalry.

Everyone has seen the ‘kid achieving the dream’ take on the ‘multi-millionaire bully’ before, and that is all that Sheamus and Del Rio boil down too. Expect for there to be a rematch between these two at the Night of Champions pay-per-view, which is slated to take place in September.

In a very spirited bout Kofi Kingston and R-Truth defeated Titus O’Neil and Darren Young. It was nice to see solid tag team wrestling again, as all four men were able to tell a story with their skill set.

Wearing very colorful trunks were both Kingston and Truth, who wore matching ‘Superman’ type logos. The only bad thing for Kingston, Truth, O’Neil and Young is that there is really no other competition to keep things interesting in the tag division.

The WWE needs to do something to reignite this division, as it is one that fans do appreciate and want to see more of.

Next it was the Triple Threat WWE Championship bout featuring The Big Show vs. C.M. Punk vs. John Cena. One has to love the WWE Universe for letting creative know what they think of Big Show, as the giant received no reaction during the course of the night.

Thankfully C.M. Punk (wearing trunks a la Bret ‘The Hitman’ Heart) and John Cena got the fans riled up again. Punk did retain his WWE Championship, but took advantage of the AA that was hit by Cena.

Punk, who immediately rushed to toss Cena off the Giant, proceeded to pin Big Show for the victory. The Straight Edge Star, who had been preaching about wanting respect, would have gotten more if he was allowed to keep his submission victory.

Instead Cena came in to apply the STF, as both stars got Big Show to tap. Thankfully Raw GM A.J. Lee came out to restart the match, and one man did in fact walk out the winner. In the :it is a shame: fact of the night Punk and the WWE Championship was not the final bout of the pay-per-view as the company decided to leave that to the Brock Lesnar/Triple H bout.

There was one point in time that the WWE Championship or the World Heavyweight Championship would be the final bout of the night, now that has been moved for these ‘once in a lifetime’ type bouts.

Though Lesnar and Hunter brought the brutality and gave the fans one heck of a match, there was no real surprise as Brock was able to get Triple H to tap out.

Members of the WWE Creative are hoping for the “Is this Triple H’s last time in the company’ to be the one defining moment for SummerSlam-but wasn’t that also supposed to be the defining moment for WrestleMania 28-as that was touted to be the ‘End of an Era.’

This fan is very interested to see the direction the company is going to take Lesnar, if they will have the young lion only  for the big pay-per-views or will the beast be allowed to dominate on WWE programming.

Probably one of the biggest surprises of the night was the fact that Dolph Ziggler did not cash in on his Money In the Bank briefcase, which could have been the defining moment that SummerSlam was missing. Stay tuned though, as you know it is a matter of time before the young lion cashes in.

Monday Night Raw will be an interesting one, as the company now builds towards the Night of Champions pay-per-view. Will there be any new feuds to look forward too, as every title will be defended or will it just be continued storylines.

Hopefully fans enjoy these thoughts from SummerSlam and make sure to stay tuned to 1495 Sports, as we will continue to chat about all of your favorite professional wrestling programming.


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