WWE sets new records thanks to Backlash Event in Puerto Rico

One of the exciting things whenever the WWE brings an event to a new location, is the fact that they get to showcase their superstars in front of that crowd and audience. The people of Puerto Rico rolled out the red carpet for the Superstars of the WWE, as WWE Backlash, the event emanating from […]

New Tag Team formed as WWE Star BIG E teams up with USFL’s Michigan Panthers

One of the great things about the WWE and their superstars are the collaborative efforts that can happen. All of the superstars on the roster have such charisma and great energy that they can all be great brand ambassadors for any company. One of the upcoming companies in the United States Football League’s season is […]

WWE Has Huge WrestleMania Weekend and unveils news for NXT Battleground

Wes Lee prior to his time in NXT. Photo by: Stacy Podelski/SPPHOTOGRAPHYNYC There has been a ton of positive momentum for the WWE as of late as they just had three amazing days in the Los Angeles Area.Recently the company announced that WrestleMania 39 is the most successful and highest-grossing event in company history. The […]

WWE to bring Friday Night SmackDown to Puerto Rico

There has been a buzz around the WWE as of late, especially as the company is marching towards their WrestleMania PPV.The company has been able to make one blockbuster announcement after another, especially when it comes time for brining their talent internationally. One of the more recent announcements the company has been able to make […]

WWE continues to bring premium events to Saudi Arabia

The WWE has always been known to bring the best events to their fans on a global scale. Since expanding overseas the reception to see the WWE Superstars has been outstanding. As the company and their fans are gearing up for WrestleMania, there is another bit of exciting news coming from the company and especially […]

WWE brings Friday Night SmackDown to London

In what is huge news for WWE fans in the United Kingdom, the WWE announced that not only will they be having their Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View, they will also bring Friday Night SmackDown to fans. Thanks to the overwhelming demand the company felt from the Money in the Bank ticket pre-registration at the […]

RAW Recap: Lots to think about as WWE builds to SummerSlam

Greetings to all, it has been a while since I’ve posted anything Pro Wrestling on here. Been watching the product to see what moves the company will make. Here are some overall thoughts from yesterday’s (8/3)  episode of Monday Night Raw. It seems as if there is a new group in the company called The […]