1495 Sports Jets Quotes after 26-3 pre-season loss to Giants

1495 Sports brings fans of the New York Jets these quotes from after the tough 26-3 pre-season loss to the Giants on Saturday. Included are thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan, and stars from the game including Shonn Greene, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

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Coach Ryan began by saying this to the members of the media:

“You have to give credit to the Giants. They played a whale of a football game today. We knew going into the game that this was one of the premiere defensive lines in all of football. If you don’t stay ahead of the sticks, you’re in trouble. I don’t care who you are. That was the story of the day, seven sacks. They did a tremendous job.  It’s hard to find many positives. I thought our defense played well, especially in the first half. I think it was 80 yards apiece at halftime. It was two good defenses going at it. Offensively, we did well. We had some moments and ran the ball decent at times. You have to be able to protect the quarterback. The one throw Mark (Sanchez) made poorly, the guy (Jayron Hosley) made a great play on. He undercut the route and it went for a touchdown. That was a huge play and put us down 13-0 when we were in field goal range. The game got out of hand then. They did a nice job. They outplayed us.”

On making adjustments to help the Jets offensive line:

“There are a lot of things you can do. We have to improve technique-wise. As long as you’re working and you’re learning from how you got beat. Trust me, the opponent’s watching and he’s going to hit you on the same exact move. You have to be able to come back and practice it and work hard. That’s really what you have to do. There are no tricks to the trade. It’s football. It’s 11-on-11 back there and you have to improve fundamentally.”

On if he’s worried about the offense:

“No, I mean clearly we have to get more production in the regular season than we’ve gotten in these two preseason games.  There is no doubt.  But I’m 100 percent sure when we kick it off for real, we will have more production.  There’s absolutely no doubt about that.”

On his message to the team:

“Well, obviously we’ve been down this road before.  Unfortunately, as every single team has. But there’s only one way to pull out of it and that’s to work hard and get in there and without question, it’s not like there’s no faith in this team because we’re 0-2 in the preseason. The fact of the matter is, you have to get better, we will get better and that’s it. Our thing is just pride and hard work and (just to) get out there and pull that rope in the same direction and we will.”

Greene who ran for 36 yards in the game had these thoughts.

On if it was encouraging to have five runs for five or more yards after struggling last week:

“Well a week ago I only had two carries, but yeah we ran the ball really well and the offensive line did a great job.  The receivers blocked also so that was something that was positive tonight.”

On if they are a confident offense:

“Yeah, I think so.  We just have to clean up on our mistakes and penalties here and there and the sacks, things like that, and we’ll be alright.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez had this to say on how the offense played:

“We struggled. We started moving the ball well and we had a couple of penalties early. (We had a) holding in the red zone on the screen there, when we would have had a third-and-short. (We had) a false start penalty, (that’s) no good. (We had an) interception, (that) can’t happen. We were good in spurts, (but) I know we can play better than that up front. I know we can block those four-man rush looks. I’ve seen our guys do it and I know we have the right personnel. We’ll get that stuff right and we’ll improve.”

On whether the team should be worried about the lack of offensive production:

“Rex said it too after the game. It’s the second preseason game. It’s not time to hit the panic button. You have to improve and learn from this stuff. I know we can do it. I’ve seen this team play much better than this. I’ve seen it in practice. The encouraging thing is we have the right personnel. These guys will go watch the film. They’ll go study, understand why it happened, come out next week and play well.”

On the offense not scoring a touchdown yet in the preseason:

“We have to put the ball in the end zone, that’s for sure. Some of that self-inflicted stuff: the false start, the holding and the interception, that stuff can’t happen when we are starting to put ourselves in scoring position. We kind of hurt ourselves there. It’s across the board. We just have to get better and be sharper.”

Tebow who had the opportunity to lead the team’s offense in the second half of play shared these thoughts:

On the team’s performance:

“I think there were some really good things. Overall, I think we have to get a lot better though and continue to improve on the little things that are going to show up and get touchdowns for us.”

On the offense not scoring a touchdown:

“I think we just want to continue to get better every single day. I feel like we are doing that. We just have to put together some of the little things that are going to get us in the end zone.”

On where he thinks the team is compared to where they thought they’d be…

“I think in some areas we’re doing pretty good. In other areas, we’ve got to get better. It’s the little things. We just have to continue to improve every single day as an offense. We’re doing some things really well. We’ve just got to do the little things right to be on the same page where you’ll see those touchdowns start to come and the big plays and all those things.”

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