1495 Sports Jets Quotes 8/20/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from the New York Jets on 8/20/12. Giving their thoughts were head coach Rex Ryan, and quarterbacks Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

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Coach Ryan began by giving reporters this opening statement:

“Looking at that game, like we said, we pretty well covered it after that game. I think the big thing when you look at it is you’re looking for positives (but) when you get beat like that, there’s obviously plenty of negatives. There were a lot of positives. I thought we were more efficient in the running game than we were in Week One against a good opponent. I was happy with that. Obviously defensively, you hold a team to under four yards a play. I think that’s pretty good. The rushing defense, 1.3 (average yards per rush) against the starters, 1.8 overall in the game. I think that was good. (Aaron) Maybin blocking a punt, that was impressive. That really showed up on the practice field. There were a couple of things that we did special teams-wise that we were really focusing on that showed up in the game. One of them was with Maybin, his technique in blocking that punt was impressive and then with T.J (Conley) punting inside (the 20 yard line), down close with (Isaiah) Trufant. We worked awful hard on that and it was just like it was on the practice field. There were some negatives with the special teams. Obviously with T.J., you’ve got plenty of time, just get out there and hit it. He’s had some great days on the practice field. (He) just has to get more consistent. We talked about that. And then offensively, the production is not there, obviously through the first two weeks on the scoreboard or whatever, but this is a work in progress.”

On if they will have enough playmakers on offense:

“I think we definitely have enough playmakers. Clearly, I would like to see three of our top receivers back on the field. That would help – Santonio Holmes, obviously being the headliner there, but Jeremy Kerley, I think is an excellent slot receiver. He was an outstanding punt returner last year. I would like to see him on the field and Schilens. You’re minus three weapons, that probably takes you down a little bit. I expect them to be on the practice field. We’re going to see what they can do, (listen to) what the trainers tell us (and) hopefully get them involved in some individual work. They’ll probably be in red jerseys and we’ll see how they progress during the week.”

On Tim Tebow playing the whole second half:

“I think you want to get him some reps in some base offenses. That’s what you try to do. He’s a guy that you’re going to play with during the season. He’s going to need some reps playing some base things. You noticed (Quinton) Coples was in there the whole game. You have guys like that (and) Vlad Ducasse. You have different players that are playing. Even Kenrick Ellis started the game, but you put him in in the second half as well because you need that experience. For Tim, it’s a brand-new offense. He needs to get some work in running this offense.”

On where the breakdowns occurred in pass protection:

“Well on that first one in particular, it’s a third down-and-three, so you’re thinking, well the ball’s going to get out quick. Obviously, (Jason) Pierre-Paul got a good jump on us and was able to hit our quarterback. I mean, you don’t go in there intentionally saying, ‘I’m (going to) put our quarterback at harm’s way,’ but it was a third and three, the kid won there, so those things happen.”

On being stopped on short yardage situations:

“Well, I think you contribute that to a few things going wrong. You (have to) first off give your opponent a lot of credit. They made the plays. (The) young man came through there a couple times, defensive tackle, did a nice job for them. We had very few mental mistakes. We had one in one of those situations that cost us clearly on one of those plays, but that was the thing where I was really disappointed, because with our football team that (has to) be a staple no matter who you are, we need to pick it up. In fact, with Tony (Sparano), when he was in Miami, I don’t know what the number was exactly, but (Miami) ran that exact play and it was like 35 times in a row they converted. I forget the fullback’s name, I think Polite or something like that. Literally, we would go into the game knowing they were going to run that play, but they got it done. I think I’m confident that we will get it done, whether we run the same play with John Conner again, I’m confident we’ll get it. We just have to fix a few things up.”

On if he is worried that the offense has not scored a touchdown this preseason:

“Yes, it bothers me, but again, we don’t need to be at our best right now. We need to be at our best opening day and I am confident that when we get going, we will be. I see some encouraging signs that we’re heading in the right direction. It might not be obvious to everybody in the public, but again, I’m confident in our offense, I’m confident in our coaching staff, I’m confident in our players. I believe that we’re going to have a very productive offense when it’s all said and done.”

Tebow had this to say on the offensive struggles:

“I feel like every day we’re getting better.  I think today at practice we showed some good things.  We did some good things out there, we hit some big plays and we have to keep getting more consistent and limit the negative plays.”

On if the offense needs positive reinforcement when they are learning:

“Yeah, obviously that would be extremely nice, but at the same point I think we’ve seen that and when we do it right we have seen how good it can be and in practice we see when we do it right how good it can be on some of the big plays, and executing, the ground and pound, and play action over the top.  So we’ve seen what this offense can be and what we can be.”

On them not scoring a touchdown this preseason:

“Well, you know we’re going to continue to get better and thankfully these (games) don’t count.  So we just have to keep getting better each day and stay focused, stay together, and that won’t change.”

Sanchez had this to say on the day’s practice:

“Each practice we’re coming out trying to execute really well. I thought the competition was great again, (on) offense and defense. I thought our tempo was great. I worked on a “coming out” situation to kind of mock what we did against the Giants. (We) cleaned up some of our mistakes from that game. Overall, (it was) a productive practice. (It was) exactly what we needed. We have to come out and do it again tomorrow.”

On if he is confident in the offense performing better:

“Absolutely, I’ve seen it from this group already against our defense. I’ve seen it on the practice field and now we have to translate it to a game. I think the most important point that Rex (Ryan) talked to us about today, is translating what we do in practice onto the game field. That means remembering we can’t have penalties in the red zone. We can’t have penalties on possession-and-ten or right after we get a first down. Those things really hurt your drives. We’re staying sharp.”

On the lack of offensive production in the game:

“It’s a shutout in the first half. That can’t happen. We have to score. We’re the offensive team. We have to score. The defense is doing a great job, so we have to do our part.”


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