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Early in the WNBA Season as Washington Mystics working on Team Success as they next face the Sky

It is still early in the 2023 WNBA Season as the Washington Mystics have been putting the work in at practice to see the type of team that they can become.

All of the great team’s go through some sort of set back or face some sort of resilience and it is in those moments and those setbacks that the true greats get formed.

One of the newer members of the team in Li Meng has been impressed with her teammates thus far and had this to say about her time in the WNBA thus far, “This is the highest play in terms of basketball…. everyone on the team is excellent. We have a lot of great players on the team, and we all have our own unique way of playing. I believe we have one of the better teams.”

On the struggles the team has Meng has this to say, “Even though we lost the last two games, we have a great spirit on the team. We are building our resilience -it is a long season and no matter who we are playing against -we are going to be ourselves. In order to be a better team we got to focus on the details and do thigns right. Only if we can be ourselves we can achieve our highest goal.”

With it being only three games in and learning a new system another newer part of the squad in Amanda Zahui B. has been a sponge as of late in learning from her teammates and seeing what the 2023 Mystics team is all about.

Zahui B. is making some adjustments to her new team and had this to say after the team’s training session on Wednesday, “I just got to figure out how to be greater in situations, so far I am going to grind. This team is so amazing, and they are helping me stay focused and keeping me uplifted.”

As the team is currently working on their sets, rotations and communication in what is going to be an interesting challenge against the Chicago Sky on Friday.

Fans of the Washington Mystics are encouraged to check out the following video featuring thoughts from Coach Eric along with Meng and Zahui B. Video is compliments of the Washington Mystics:

The Sky, who have always been a playoff contending team, while having newer names on their roster, still have a team that Head Coach Eric Thibault feels is going to give the team a challenge on Sunday.

“They are a different team, The Sky can score, they have a bunch of people who can score across the board,” said Coach E, “They are active defensively they are up in passing lanes, they are pressuring and we are going to have our hands full.”

There are many things that Coach E is starting to see and hope to work on, he had this to say on what ie hopes to see improve, “On offense we have to clean up our early offense, we just haven’t executed well…especially after an opponent made basket. We are a little too scrambled. Then when we have chances to run we hope to get better at our tempo and spacing.”

It is going to be interesting to see how the Washington Mystics fare against the Chicago Sky and if they can make the adjustments, they hope to make in order for them to succeed. Can the early lessons that they are getting early on help them transform into the team that they hope can also reach the playoff pinnacle.

Fans can catch all the action from the game between the Washington Mystics and Chicago Sky at Wintrust Arena in Chicago on Friday on the iON TV network, with the start of the game set for 8:00 pm.

For more information on the Washington Mystics fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:

Homepage – Washington Mystics (wnba.com)

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