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New York City FC Soars to Semis against New England

The emotions for fans of New York City had to be on high the past few days, it was shown at Yankee Stadium as a roaring crowd supported and lifted the team to a 2-0 decision against the Atlanta United at Yankee Stadium in a match that was played on Monday.

What was a picture-perfect day at the Stadium, saw Atlanta gaining the early possession and gaining a ton of good chances throughout to try to get the scoring going. New York City FC found their rhythm and started to get some chances as well.

One of the sparkplugs in the match for New York City FC was that of Maxi Moralez who was a sparkplug for the boys in blue. Maxi had so many quality chances throughout the match but was denied. The play between these two teams were very physical as there were several fouls that were called.

It was in the Second Half that the boys in blue were rewarded for their fine effort as Taty Castellanos hit a ball that went off his foot, bounced off the pitch and somehow magically found its way into the back of the cage for the 1-0 lead. If that play did not make the ESPN Top-10 that would be one of the surprises of the year, because it was so amazing to be able to watch how the ball bounced and found the way into the back of the net.

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following photos from the First Round Playoff Match between New York City FC and Atlanta United

Moralez continued to shine throughout the match trying to cash in on some scoring opportunities, but again he was denied in the second half. Maxi did find himself as a contributor to the second goal of the game as he was able to pass a beauty of a volley to Alex Callens, who was able to find the back of the cage for a 2-0 lead.

Everyone at Yankee Stadium was on the edge of their seats as the boys in blue tried to hold off the advances of Atlanta

United as the minutes ticked away to what eventually became their triumphant victory. NYCFC even tried for a third goal of the match but were denied of that opportunity.

It has been quite an interesting history for New York City FC with their playoff history. The last time the boys in blue saw a semifinal match was in 2018 and they lost both legs of that to the eventual champion Atlanta United, so the win on Sunday was a sweet one for Head Coach Ronny Delia and his team.

Up next for New York City FC will be the team taking on the New England Revolution on Tuesday, November 30 at 7:30 pm at Gillette Stadium. It’ll be interesting to see the form the Revolution will have as they have had a significant amount of time off prior to playing the boy sin blue.

These two teams have met three times during the regular season, with New England taking two of the three matches.

1495 Sports is proud to bring the following Post Match Press Conference Featuring Ronny Deila along with stars Taty Castellanos, James Sands, and Alex Callens

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