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Season Over for Capitals in 4-0 loss to the Islanders

It was a really quick departure for the Washington Capitals, who could never really get the hockey legs under them in this 2020 National Hockey League Season. It felt like one had blinked their eyes and then all the sudden the team was playing meaningful hockey against one of the toughest teams in the League in the New York Islanders.

In what was billed a Best-of-Seven Series the Capitals offense was never really able to fire on all cylinders, and were completely shut out in the final game of the season recording a 4-0 loss. There were a wide range of words that could have been used to describe the Caps but just overall the team was flat.

Washington could not figure out how to score really in any situation, with the lone player having been able to see any momentum was Captain Alexander Ovechkin. The thing that you learn very quickly in sports is that one player alone cannot help a team win a championship as you need the key pieces around that player to even hope to get a sniff at a trophy.

A majority of the credit for the series against the Islanders can go to the team in White, Orange and Blue as they really did an outstanding job of executing all of their plays. One could tell that they had the right energy, hunger to the puck and overall fight for the game.

For the fifth time in as many games in the series, Washington wasn’t able to muster as many as 30 shots on net on Thursday night, as the overall offensive issues is something the executives of the team will have to look over now that the season has come to an end.

This was a difficult season for really all of the National Hockey League, the Capitals included as things were disrupted and all positive momentum paused with the pandemic. The fact that the teams were able to play meaningful hockey in a successful Bubble Environment is something for the League to pat themselves on the back for. Just for anyone who is a fan of the Capitals it is disappointing to see a team that had potential leave the Playoffs so soon.

Now it will be a wait and see situation, see what moves the Capitals will make next to bring back a Championship squad for the 2021 season, wait to see how the numbers will look and if they have gone down enough to have the League return to a schedule where the players can play in their home arenas…just overall a ton of questions before the next installation of hockey can be seen on our TV screens again.

But for now a hard pill to swallow for the Washington Capitals as their quest for Lord Stanley’s Cup has come to an end.

For more information on the Washington Capitals fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:


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