How Much Will The Devils’ Youth Help Them In the Postseason?

So last night while staying up later than my 47 year old self can usually do watching the New Jersey Devils once again win on the West Coast, this time 5-2 over the Los Angeles Kings (after a 6-2 win over Anaheim the night before) I got to thinking about the Devils come April. At […]

New York City FC adds Midfielder Justin Haak

New York City FC was able to add a dynamic and fast paced Midfielder Justin Haak to a contract through 2025 with an option for 2026. Haak who hails from Brooklyn, New York signed his first professional contract in 2019 and he is the Club’s third-ever homegrown player and the first-ever signing from the fiver […]

Devils Comeback Against The Rangers Just the Latest Thrilling Finale in a Long History

Here in the New Jersey/New York NHL area, there’s no rivalry quite like Devils/Rangers. Dating back arguably to Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals way back in 1994 (which broke my teenage heart as the Devils lost in Double Overtime) the Hudson River rivalry is rarely friendly on and off the ice, and often […]

Breaking Down The Monumental First Quarter of the New Jersey Devils Season

Here we are just past the one quarter mark of the 2022-2023 season and the New Jersey Devils are off to their best start ever, currently sitting an impressive 18-4 mark after last night’s 5-1 home win over the Washington Capitals. A win that was capped by the first ever hat trick for 1st pick […]

Devil of a Good Time: 5 Facts About The Devil’s 8 Game Win Streak

For New Jersey Devils (14-11-3) fans, this season thus far (and yes, it’s still early) has been surreal. It’s been a tough run for a club that had made the playoffs 21 out of 24 seasons with three cups and 5 Stanley Cup Finals during that time from 1987-1988 all the way to 2012. Since […]

Look Out NHL, Devils Might Be Getting Their Due

Last night’s come from behind 4-3 win in Edmonton against a 7-3-0 Oilers team should be a wake-up call to the NHL; the New Jersey Devils 8-3-0 are ready. They’re hungry, they’re primed and after 11 games in the 2022-2023 season sit in first place in the Eastern division. Last night’s win showed a different […]

The Devils MUST Shed It’s Recent Past To Build A New Future

Growing up in New Jersey, I’ve been a fan of the New Jersey Devils since it’s inception in 1982. I fondly remember going to games as a kid and being granted the special privilege to get into the locker room and given free merch thanks absolutely to a neighbor who worked at the then Brendan […]