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New York Jets Quotes ~ 10/16/13

Here are some New York Jets quotes for 10/16/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On how the team will prepare for New England:

“Just prepare for them as we do every single week. A lot of film study. (We’re) doing a ton of those things. Getting in (meetings) with the wide outs. Talking things over. Talking things over with Marty (Mornhinweg), Coach (David) Lee, all of the guys. We’re just continuing to progress. We had a really good day of practice today. I think guys came out sharp (and) mentally focused. We’ve got to continue to just stay tuned in and just continue to work.”

How he will benefit from having played New England earlier this season:

“Yeah, I mean, it’s good as far as personal goes, but it’s going to be a different game. There’s going to be a new set of challenges and they’re going to have something new that we didn’t see in the first game. We’ve been preparing ourselves for every single scenario. Just trying to continue to build on what we have here with this offense and just go into the game ready to be in another battle.”

On his development process:

“It’s been filled with ups and downs. As far as my mental state, it’s always been the same. It’ll never change, it will always be the same, but it’s been filled with ups and downs. We’ve had good times. We’ve had some not so good times. There’s been a ton of teaching tape. A lot of learning experiences and I’d like to think that I’ve gotten better over the weeks and I think every single guy in here has and that’s just (a credit) to us continuing to work hard and continuing to fight.”

On his mistakes:

“Most of them, if not all of them, are just brand new things that I’ve had to learn from. There will always be that. That’ll never change as long as I play this game. Every quarterback is going to face new things and new challenges from week-to-week. That’s just something that I’ve got to prepare myself for mentally. To go into it every single week to be mentally stable and to have the mindset that every game is going to be a grind and I’ve got to go in and be 100 percent accurate, as well as, 100 percent correct with my reads. That’s nearly impossible, but that’s what we strive for here.”

How long the process takes to become an elite quarterback:

“I don’t know. I think it just comes with time. The key thing is being patient. I think it’s something, like I said, that’s already in you. It just has to develop and just has to become prevalent.”

On whether the experiences he’s had since Week Two is enough to win the game on Sunday:

“Well, we’ll see. That’s why we play the game. We’ve got an opportunity on Sunday and that’s what it’s all about. Going out there and being able to learn from those mistakes and being able to go out there and just play a sound game. When I’m out there playing I don’t think about what I’ve done in the past. I just try and focus on the play at hand and that’s really the way I play the game.”

If he has evaluated his progress to date:

“My goal is to just continue to be consistent and just try to be consistent on every single down (and) every single game. I can’t think about the past or what has happened. It’s hard enough in this league to go out there and play on Sunday and you have to go out there and get a victory. Like I said, I don’t worry about the things that have happened in the past because the opportunity is in front of me. I look at it in that manner and I just go out and play football.”

On if he anticipates New England to change things up for this week’s game:

“You know what, you have to anticipate it. It will be interesting to see exactly what they do. You can’t really tell until you get out there and you get the looks on the field. We try to prepare for every single scenario. We’ve been getting in hours upon hours of studying film, studying this offense and thinking about ways to deal with every single scenario. We prepare ourselves in that way. When the time comes in the game we have to step up to the challenge.”

On his chemistry with the wide receivers:

“I think we’re on pace to be really good. We’re young, we’re all young here. We’ve had a few guys go down, for the most part guys have been working extremely hard every single day in practice. Every guy comes out with the right mentality and attitude. We’re getting better. That goes for every single guy in this locker room. And all the young guys, we’re hungry, we want to be the marquee players. We all use each other to kind of motivate one another and to get better on a daily basis in practice.”

The challenges of working with new players:

“We have to accept that challenge, it’s the cards we’ve been dealt. We try to bring guys along as quickly as possible. I know the coaches work extremely hard with getting guys reps in practice and doing extra off the field, as far as studying and just making sure guys understand where they need to be and the proper depths, the routes, the concepts and all of that. It’s something that’s an ongoing process. We practice very hard, hopefully we can build enough of a rapport with one another to the fact that we can go out and execute. When the game is on the line, we’re not thinking about the name or the number on the back of the jersey. We’re all here with that Jets logo on the side of our helmets and trying to win for the organization.”

On if those challenges affect him on game day:

“I don’t anyway. It won’t ever affect me. I don’t ever think about it that way. I go out there and think I have the ability to assess the way a guy is running his route. That’s part of being a quarterback, you can’t just throw to a spot, you have to actually see the guy. There are different turns that can happen in the game. I just try to assess it that way and do my best to make an accurate throw.”

Wide Receiver/Kickoff Specialist Josh Cribbs:

On Coach Ryan saying he makes opposing coaches nervous:

“It’s a respect thing. I know a lot of punters, a lot of kickoff cover guys, a lot of kickers and a lot of head coaches, they’re going to kick it away (out of) respect. I’ll be ready to chase some balls, and if they say, “Hey, he doesn’t have it anymore,” I have to show them. I want them to kick it out of bounds or try me. Kick it regular. See if I can still do it. I want them (to). I want to tell you, ‘I don’t know, I’m going to give it my all.’ But I know Bill (Belichick), I know he’s seen me play a lot. They’ll be ready and I’ll be too.”

On whether he will return kickoffs and punts:

“Wherever they need me.  We talked about it. It’s a weekly decision, a gameday decision. We’re rotating reps, so whatever they need me (to do). Everyone knows what I can do, every team. The Patriots know what I can do and it’s up to me to prove it. “

On whether he still has his speed:

“Oh yeah, I’m going to get the job done. I’m not going to get walked down. That’s one thing, and I’ve picked up some weight through the years, muscle-muscle mass. So, if somebody’s fast enough to catch up to me, they’re not going to be strong enough to bring me down. That’s kind of been my motto. I’m going to run through a kicker. I’m going to run through tackles, arm tackles. You have to put a body on me to bring me down. That’s one thing I harp on. I’m going to keep my speed with power. I’m not going to be a fast, small guy. It’s a (combination) of speed and power. If you’re fast enough to walk me down, that’s (only) half the battle.”

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“The injuries, you’ve got (Santonio) Holmes did not participate. Kyle Wilson, concussion, did not participate and the new guy we just signed, the wideout (Greg) Salas did not participate with a knee. Guys that were limited today, Dee Milliner with a hamstring, David Nelson, hamstring. Everybody else is good. I don’t know what else you can say. The new guy, we kind of knew he was going to be out. Not that you thought we just signed him and this just happened. That’s not the case.”

If the first game against the Patriots this season gives him confidence going into this game:

“No. Every game is different. We took them to overtime last year and then they scored, I think, 40 points in one quarter. But I don’t think that’s going to happen. We’re confident anyway. We’re going to show up and we’re going to give them our best shot. With our fans, we’ll see. I’m excited about the opportunity we have and we’ll just see what happens.”

On this being a big game this early in the season:

“There’s a lot to play for. First you’re playing your biggest rival in your division. You’re already down a game to them that you played head-to-head. Certainly in the standings we’re well down. Obviously, it’s big that way for sure. Any time you play any division rival I think it’s a game and a half. I’ve always said that. With that being said, it’s game seven, so that’s a little unusual. If it was game 15 or 16 and it meant more, then obviously I’d say so. Clearly, with all that being said, you still want to win it in the worst way and certainly that’s our feeling.”

If he has confidence in his game plans against Brady:

“Well, you don’t put in anything that’s not sound. Not in this league, and especially not against a Brady at quarterback. Now, creative? Absolutely. You don’t want to go in with the same plan where, ‘Hey, here it is,’ because you know his preparation, so he may know it as well as you know it. You have to do different things. You have to challenge him mentally. And that’s why I think they’re so good historically in the second half of the season and against teams that they’ve seen more than once that they get another shot at you. They do a great job making adjustments, things like that. So you have to stay ahead of it, give them different looks.”

On if he respects the Patriots more because of his history against them:

“Sure you want to have the consistency of being a perennial winner. You want to win your division year after year after year as that team has. There’s no question. To say that you’re going to model your franchise after them or whatever? Shoot, I’ll take their quarterback. We’ll see how many wins I’d have or whatever, or anybody else. But no, we’re going to be us. We’re going to keep going. We think we have a good plan in place, but at the same time, you’ve got to respect the fact that this team has won it every year, certainly. So (Bill) Belichick and all those guys, absolutely we respect them but we fear none of them. I can promise you that.”

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