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1495 Sports Live WWE Results: 2012 Survivor Series

For the fans of the WWE make sure to stay tuned to this page as we will have live updates from 2012 Survivor Series:

Includes thoughts from longtime fan Stacy Podelski.

Please refresh this page for the most up-to-date information:

3MB def. Team CoBro: Drew McIntyre helps the heel group gain momentum. This is a group to watch for so make sure to stay tuned.

R-Truth interviewed in the back about possibly becoming US Champion. Instead Josh Matthews interviews Little Jimmy.

Video promo for the three-way match between C.M. Punk vs. John Cena vs. Ryback for the WWE Championship.

Bonus Traditional Survivor Series Match:

Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio


Tensai, Primo,  Epico and the Prime Time Players

Lots of action thus far in this five-on-five bout.

Tensai pins Brodus Clay (first elimination)

Justin Gabriel pins Tensai (second elimination)

Tyson Kidd pins Titus O’Neil (third elimination)

Tyson Kidd submits Epico via sharpshooter (fourth elimination)

Rey Mysterio pins Primo (fifth elimination)

Rey Mysterio and others all put the finishing touches on Darren Young as the good guys get the victory

Kaitlyn in the back and is attacked by a mysterious blond (revealed to be Aksana) before being confronted by Eve. The two will be battling for the Diva’s strap next.

Eve def. Kaitlyn: Eve still Diva’s Champion

Thus far Kaitlyn is using her strength to control the bout before Eve takes over offensive momentum.  Eve uses her veteran’s instincts to gain the victory.

Repeated video of how Dolph Ziggler named David Otunga to the team replacing Cody Rhodes.

Mick Foley gathers the group and gets them to work together.

Antonio Cesaro def. R-Truth for the US Championship:

Lots of near-falls and lots of action thus far in this one. No surprise to see Cesaro retain, the WWE has not been able to find a worthy rival for the Swiss born champion yet. Watch out for Antonio soon to be future Heavyweight Champion in the company.

Spoof commercial for David Otunga, good plug for the young lion.

Recap of the AJ Lee scandal (same like the AJ Styles scandal). Supposedly Lee has evidence against Vickie Guerrero now.

AJ comes out and speaks about the scandal. AJ says that Vickie has a secret of her own and is hiding it in the scandal between Lee and Cena.

AJ puts up a picture of Vickie and Ricardo Rodriguez and the duo eating burritos. The second picture is that of Vickie and JR eating BBQ. Third picture is that of Vickie (in a scantly clad suit) and Brodus Clay dancing.

AJ and Vickie stare the other down, as the younger diva steps away from the fight. AJ attacked by Tamina before a Superfly splash puts the cherry on a new feud between these two ladies.

Josh Matthews interviews Paul Heyman about CM Punk having anything in his bag of tricks for the three-man bout later on tonight. Heyman plugs Punk saying that Matthews is not giving Punk the respect that he deserves.

Big Show def. Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship:

Thus far this has been an all out brawl between these two. Here is hoping though that the WWE will allow for someone else to be the Champion of the Blue Brand as both Show and Sheamus have been uninteresting champions to fans.

Sheamus was able to pull out the electric chair on the Big Show-amazing. After much offense Sheamus hits White Noise but unable to get the pin. Great White was going to hit the Brogue Kick, but instead of connecting to Big Show he hits the official.

There was much chaos as there was no bell to stop the fight, Big Show hits the KO punch to retain. One of the officials reversed the call for a DQ on the Big Show, who still retains the strap. Sheamus grabs a chair and starts to beat the heck out of the champ.

Big Show begging Sheamus to stop, but the Celtic Warrior has snapped. Looked like Sheamus was going to walk away but decided otherwise hitting the brogue kick before finally leaving.

The Giant is literally crawling out of the arena, crowd chanting we want Ziggler. Not going to happen tonight though.

Team Foley vs. Team Ziggler:

Alberto Del Rio, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, Dolph Ziggler


The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Randy Orton, Team Heck No:

Kane pins Damien Sandow (first elimination)

Dolph Ziggler pins Kane (second elimination)

Daniel Bryan puts a submission move on David Otunga (third elimination)

Wade Barrett pins Kofi Kingston (fourth elimination) three on three now

Alberto Del Rio puts a submission on Daniel Bryan (fifth elimination)

The Miz pins Wade Barrett (sixth elimination)

Alberto Del Rio pins The Miz (seventh elimination)

Two on One as Randy Orton takes on Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio

Ricardo Rodriguez interferes and Mick Foley breaks out Mr. Socko

Randy Orton pins Alberto Del Rio (eighth elimination)

Orton vs. Ziggler:

Dolph Ziggler pins Orton to be the sole survivor

C.M. Punk def. John Cena and Ryback for the WWE Championship:

Cena has Ryback in the STF, Punk flies into the two men. Ryback tries to out power the two men, before Cena and Punk start to work together

Punk and Cena put Ryback through a table. Five knuckle shuffle reversed into a GTS by Punk for a two count. STF again on Punk before Ryback makes the save.

Ryback hits the shell shock, but Cena makes the save. Three mysterious men come in to interrupt the bout. Turns out the guys were from NXT (Dean, Ambrose, Seth Rollins & Roman Reigns) young lion puts Ryback through a table.

Punk crawls over Cena for the victory. Survivor Series ends with Punk celebrating with Heyman screaming ‘I’m the best in the world.’

Stay tuned to see what happens on Monday Night Raw tomorrow!

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