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1495 Sports Jets Quotes for 11/19/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes for 11/19/12:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“Obviously, (it was) a short night, if you will. (We) get back, watch the tape at night and then move on immediately to New England.  So, that’s basically where we’re at and I don’t have (the) injury report or anything else for you, so fire away.”

On if he saw something different in the film after watching the Rams game:

“Just real happy, I thought our offensive line was real physical in the game.  I thought that was, it’s not surprising, but it was good.  They give you a challenge. They do a lot of things, multiple fronts, blitzes and all that and I thought our guys were very physical and that was impressive.  I liked the way our receivers blocked down the field as well. So there are a lot of good things there.  Obviously, Mark (Sanchez) had an outstanding game.  If you look at it, it really could’ve been 17 to 20 if we didn’t have a couple drops there.  so he threw the ball really well.  Had the one strip sack, which we have to really emphasize this week.  New England has forced six strip sacks this season.  Number 50 I think, (Rob) Ninkovich or whatever his name is, he’s a good player.  I know him by number. He’s forced I think, I don’t know, five (or) six fumbles or something like that this year so they do a great job of attacking the football.  I think they lead the league in forced fumbles. It’s something they’ve always done a great job of so we have to make sure we’re protecting the football at all costs.”

On preparing for strip sacks:

“That’s something that you have to be mindful of.  It’s putting two hands on the football (and) protecting the football at all times, keeping the ball on your up-field shoulder.  Some of that is a presence of when to step up.  I think (Tom) Brady probably does it better than anybody.  He puts that ball down on that front shoulder and he’ll protect it at all costs.  Sometimes he’ll take a sack, I mean, very rarely. I think they lead the league in least sacks, but if it comes down to it, he’s going to protect the football instead of trying to do something.  We have to be mindful of that.  We know that, obviously, we’re vulnerable from what the stats indicate, but this is what they do well, so it’s something we have to do a great job of and guard against.”

On whether they can take anything away from the 2009 season when they started 4-6:

“What we did in 2009, I think you go back to it as, ‘Try to get better each day,’ whether it’s on the practice field or (somewhere else). I think that’s in all phases, and that’s what we did. We got better as the season went on and I think that’s clearly what we have to do now. If the players can draw from it, than that’s great. Again, we have a ton of work in front of us and a short amount of time to prepare for clearly the best offensive team in the NFL.”

On Bilal Powell, Shonn Greene and Joe McKight in the running game:

“It was great to get all three of those guys out there. I think obviously that depth becomes a positive. It’s not that much different than New England with their depth that they can throw at you with (Danny) Woodhead, (Stevan) Ridley, firing those guys in there. Each guy has a little different physical set, but it was great to get them all involved. I thought every single one of them played well. Bilal, normally is absolutely tremendous in protection. He’s the one that gave up the strip sack, which is strange, because normally he’ll hit a defensive back right in the mouth and he won’t go anywhere, but the kid made a nice rush on him. He made a nice play. That’s uncharacteristic of Bilal Powell, but then the next time he gets the Mike linebacker right in the face, that’s what we’ve been used to. That’s his game, protection. Obviously, you see that he has some run ability as well. We know he can catch the football out of the backfield. We’re excited to get him back. I think coming off of a shoulder, sometimes there’s that ‘what can I do.’ I think he’s more confident going into this game than he probably was even last week.”

On the win yesterday:

“It shows that the hard work and all that isn’t just wasted on the practice field. It carries over and the commitment we have to each other and the commitment we have on the practice field and all that, obviously helped us win that game. That’s what we have to hang our hat on and believe that we can get better and we have to.”

Quarterback Mark Sanchez:

On the short week:

“I think the most important thing is to take care of your body, get your rest, eat well, get a lot of sleep, (use the) cold tubs (and) hot tubs, and get stretched out. It really is a mental battle all week. We have to prepare well mentally and I think we got a good start today. It was sharp. It was focused and it was exactly what we needed.”

On the significance of playing on Thanksgiving:

“It’s great. Everybody in the country is sitting there with their family, hopefully having a hot meal and the chance to watch the ball game. It’s nice to be playing on that kind of stage and I know our guys are up to the challenge. It’s just important for us to have a good week.”

On whether the Patriots ability to force turnovers is a focus:

“Absolutely, (Rob) Ninkovich is one of the best at it, it seems. This year, he’s really having a heck of a year, (but) he’s always been a great player. It’s no doubt that one of these years he has a standout year. He’s really getting after the quarterback. He’s getting after the football and that’s really their whole defense. That’s kind of their M.O. and they’ve always played well. It’s our job to take care of it, score when we get in the end zone and hopefully play well.”

On how the team can go on a run:

“Similar to what our goals are every week, taking care of the football, playing great defense, (being) efficient in the run game and the pass game, and special teams really setting us up, making field goals and hitting points really, but it’s going to take a collective effort. We know that. We have the players and the personnel to do that, now it’s a matter of execution.”

On when they feel like they have a chance to win:

“We feel like every week we have a chance to win if we take care of what we’re supposed to, that’s taking care of the football, wining the turnover battle, running the ball well, throwing it with efficiency and playing well on defense and special teams.”

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