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Hell in a Cell was somewhat of a head scratching PPV

Hell in a Cell was okay, even though a ton of the results weren’t what many experts had predicted.  The company is continuing to focus on a storyline between AJ Lee and John Cena; that this fan is sure that many others really do not care about.

The focus is so much on that storyline that many young, hungry and talented guys are left not being used properly. Again another missed opportunity for Dolph Ziggler; who once again did not cash in on his Money In the Bank briefcase.

Ziggler had been promoted for weeks as vowing to cash in on his briefcase tonight. This fan was personally expecting for that moment to happen, but it did not and it is starting to get to the point to where you wonder if Dolph will ever win the strap.

Will fans even care when Dolph does win the championship is another question?  All of it is starting to feel like Ziggler is getting pushed to a position of being buried within the company instead of promoted.

The No Surprises moments of the night were the victories by Randy Orton, Antonio Cesaro and Eve Torres; though all these bouts were super competitive.

Rumor is that The Miz will be in for a good push within the WWE, he had one heck of a match with Kofi Kingston tonight and that is something that fans should stay tuned for.

Probably the match that stole HIAC was The Big Show/Sheamus for the World Heavyweight Championship. This match had it all and probably now allowed for people who said that Sheamus and Big Show would be a good PPV quality bout to be proven correct.

The OMG moment of the night was when Sheamus was able to hit his White Noise finishing move on the giant. There are not many Goosebumps that can be had as of late, but that moment raised the hairs on the arms of this fan.

Question of the night is when will team Heck No finally implode, and will it happen before or after the ‘I am the Tag Team Champion’ shirts are made. The surprise moment was actually seeing two tag matches being held in WWE programming-nice change of pace.

Sin Cara took a big bump during his tag match with Rey Mysterio in defeating the Prime Time Players. Here is hoping that the masked wonder is okay.

Get Well wishes to Lilian Garcia, who was hit by a car recently. Here is hoping the Blue Brand, in-ring announcer will recover and get back to doing what she loves soon.

In the hardest decision the WWE has ever had to make department, was the ending to the C.M. Punk/Ryback WWE Championship bout. In the end Punk was the victor, but it was once again a tainted victory.

This was supposed to be the moment that defined the legacy of Punk, instead goes down as a moment many fans are complaining about.

Turns out the referee this time aided Punk in his long reign with the WWE Championship. This and many other fans are unhappy with the idea of another tainted victory; especially when we were promised that a legacy would be cemented.

It was in fact a tough choice, and probably one of the best moves the company could make. With this victory, Punk can continue to build on his heel character; while a tainted loss may not hurt Ryback but only will feed his hunger.

I am sure though many would have preferred a clean victory, or something else. In the end, Punk was not going to lose his championship; not this way and not yet to Ryback. The WWE is waiting for John Cena to be medically cleared before the change of hands.

Here is hoping that the WWE can put the lid on the Cena/AJ Lee storyline soon and get back to promoting their young stars soon. With a lot of the guys getting injured you need for people like Ziggler, and others to step up.

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