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1495 Sports Jets Notes and Quotes after 35-9 victory over Colts

1495 Sports has these New York Jets notes and quotes after a 35-9 victory over the Indianapolis Colts 35-9 in NFL action on Sunday.


New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Running Back Shonn Greene posted career highs with 161 yards rushing and 32 carries and matched his career best with three rushing touchdowns. The 161 yards rushing were the most by a Jet since RB Thomas Jones ran for 210 yards vs. BUF (10/18/09).

After completing 11-of-18 passes (61.1%) for 82 yards, with two touchdowns and no interceptions for a rating of 109.0, Quarterback Mark Sanchez posted his 14th game with a passer rating of 100+. The Jets have posted an 11-3 record in games in which Sanchez has a 100+ quarterback rating.

Signed a week earlier, wide reciever Jason Hill caught a five-yard touchdown pass from Sanchez to give the Jets a 21-6 lead. It was the first touchdown for Hill as a Jet and the ninth of his career.


Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening Statement:

“This is really a great win for us. We certainly needed one. We knew going into the game that Indianapolis was going to scrap. The young kid at quarterback (Andrew Luck) is going to be a stud. We knew we’d be challenged, but I thought our guys stepped up and really responded. The way we practiced and competed in the classroom and on the practice field (this week) gave us a chance to win. Our guys took advantage of it. This was a great team effort. I love the fact that we were 5-for-5 in the red zone, which was a big difference in the game. The Colts were 0-for-2 in the red zone. The offense being 5-for-5 was huge.

We had 253 yards rushing, which was tremendous to see. We’ve been making strides and have been close. Today, we were able to pop some and really get Shonn Greene going. Joe (McKnight) had a big run. I was really proud of the effort. We have to clean up a few penalties, but other than that, I was really happy with the performance.”

On the performance of Greene:

“We wanted to get that big back rolling, and we knew we were close. We’ve been working hard, and today we were able to get him going. When Shonn carries it that well and has that kind of production, it’s great for the entire team.”

On needing a win:

It’s huge. We needed it. There’s no doubt. You can’t afford to lose three games in a row at home. We’re a tough team and can overcome a lot, but we really needed this win. We talked about it last night and knew what it meant. We gave them our best shot and it was good enough this week. “

On how pleased he is with the effort and the results in the last two games:

“I think our effort has never been a question, but I think the way we’re going about our business is I think we’re really pushing each other on the practice field. I think that’s where it starts. The only way to get better is to go full speed against each other and take care of your teammates all at the same time. We understand the message. We are all about our team. Some days, it’s just like what I was noticing, Mark (Sanchez) threw only 18 passes. Well, he may have to throw 38, but that’s what it took this day. It’s not about the individual, it’s about the team, and we understand that.”

On how it feels to be playing for a part of first place next Sunday:

“It’s good. You’d rather be on top of it, but right now we’re looking up at them. But here we come. I don’t feel like tugging on Superman’s cape today (joking), but maybe tomorrow.”

Shonn Greene

On how the team was able to have a breakout rushing performance:

“Just us believing in ourselves and not giving up. Just hard days at practice. When you’re down and the running game’s not going as well as you want, it’s easy to just give up on it and just be like, “whatever,” but we keep working every week at practice. We keep just grinding and grinding and saying it’s going to come along and it did today.”

On whether it was nice to have a big game as an individual:

“It was pretty nice to get a win. What was it, (35-9), or something like that? It was nice to put points up on the board and that’s what we want to do. We want to execute, stay on the field, keep our defense fresh and put points on the board.”

On whether he found more holes today:

“Yeah, my offensive line did a great job today. Lex (Hilliard) did a great job at fullback. The wide receivers blocked down the field. As one offense, one unit, we did a great job.”

On whether this is the best the running game has looked in a while:

“Yeah, I think so. I think it’s important that we keep just working hard at practice and keep this momentum.”

Jason Hill

On his touchdown catch:

“It’s something we practiced during the week. I’m obviously limited. My base isn’t as big as our guys who have been here throughout training camp. So, that was one of the plays we worked on. (We) just made it happen. Mark (Sanchez) found me and I’m glad we scored.”

On whether the short-range passing game was in Sanchez’s comfort zone:

“Yeah, but at the same time, we’re taking what the defense gives us. You want to be aggressive, but you want to be smart aggressive, and I think that’s what we did (today). Our running game was wide open today and thankfully so, because we rode it until the end.”

On whether he knew the team’s passing game would be limited this week:

“No, I wouldn’t say that. We came into the game with equal opportunity. I think Shonne (Greene) took off and Joe (McKnight) took off. We rode their backs today.”

On how he worked to get on the same page with Sanchez:

“Just in meetings. Doing the things that you do, the weekly meetings and everything. I think he respects the way I work, early and late, making sure I’m on top of everything, and (being) professional. So far, so good.”

Mark Sanchez

On the offense’s performance:

“It was just a good start for us in the run game, finally got that going. I couldn’t be happier for the guys up front, and for Shonn Greene for really putting forth a great effort these last couple of weeks in practice first. Then, having all that come to fruition here in a game, it’s great. That was just awesome to see. Big holes to run through, great blocks up front. (Nick) Mangold started his 100th game I heard. That’s awesome, that’s really fun. Shonn had a career day, so that’s great.”

On if today was a must-win game:

“We know it was a big game for us and our last one at home for a couple weeks, that’s how we approached it. We knew we just wanted to play well, have everything in practice happen for us on the field. I felt like that’s where it started. We had a tough one Monday night, a short week. But, guys really bounced back and played well today, defensively, on special teams. We were more or less efficient in the passing game and just kept us on the field so that was great for us. It’s nice a win going up to New England.”

On the key to the offense today:

“We really focused in practice on competing and not worrying about everything else, letting Sunday happen. Putting all the proper work in during the week. Spending time together, I feel like we’re growing closer as a team as the weeks go by. That’s one of the most important things as you make it through a season, to constantly grow together. It doesn’t always work out on the field, it’s not designed to. I mean that’s just the way it goes. But, to be able to bounce back after Monday says a lot about the locker room and the guys we have.”

On if this is the best he has ever seen Shonn Greene run:

“He had three (touchdowns) against Washington last year. When I saw that on the board, that was the first thing I thought of: when he busted that run when we would’ve rather had him fall down in that situation last year. It’s great for Shonn. He’s a heck of a player and he just keeps grinding. He just keeps grinding, keeps playing hard and that wasn’t easy. A couple of those running backs went out, so Shonn’s picking up the load and he’s picking himself up off the ground and running it five more times in a row. That’s not easy for a running back, but he kept on going.”

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