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1495 Sports Impact Wresting results: Bound For Glory

Fans of Impact Wrestling who are unable to watch the Bound for Glory pay-per-view are encouraged to check out this page for the full results.

Includes thoughts from longtime fan Stacy Podelski.

Austin Aries is in the ring and is cutting a promo on his match against Jeff Hardy later on tonight.

Rob Van Dam def. Zema Ion for the X Division Championship: RVD new X Division Champion

Crowd is on the side of RVD as Ion has done a great job of making himself into a heel to watch with Impact Wrestling.

These are two extremely talented guys, as the high flying moves already have the fans chanting TNA, TNA, TNA.

Van Dam hits the Five Star Frog Splash to win the X Division Championship.

Magnus promo as the young lion is set to take on Samoa Joe for the Television Championship now!

Samoa Joe def. Magnus to retain the TV Title:

Clash of two big men, who also know how to move in the ring. These two know each other so well (once tag team partners) so this is a great feud for these young lions.

Joe was able to get a submission on, but Magnus makes a great move by getting the lower half of his body to the ropes for the break.

Several near falls for a very exciting bout. Joe was able to get the rear naked choke for the victory to retain his title.

The Cowboy James Storm def. Bobby Roode in a Street Fight with ‘King Mo’ as special guest enforcer:

Storm was cut open during the bout and is starting to loose a ton of blood. A very personal match between these two former friends.

These two men are breaking out every weapon imaginable as even thumb tacks were used. Several near falls as a great story is being told.

Storm uses the Last Call Superkick to earn this victory which was a year in the making.

Joey Ryan def. Al Snow:

Before things get settled Matt Morgan comes in and hits the Carbon FootPrint on Al Snow. Seems as if Ryan and Morgan were working together, either way now Ryan has a contract with the company.

Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez def. Kaz and Chris Daniels AJ Styles and Kurt Angle:

Hernandez and Guerrero are new Tag Team Champions!

AJ Styles is wearing ring gear in support of Breast Cancer awareness. They are white trunks with the P1 logo on one side and a pink ribbon on the other.

Lots of action from all competitors as each wrestler is allowed to shine during the course of this bout.

Things have been building up for a while for a tag title run for Guerrero and Hernandez and it’ll be great to see these two in action for a while.

Tara def. Miss. Tessmacher for the Knockouts Championship: Tara new Knockout Champion

Thus far the ladies are allowed to put on one heck of a bout, as both skill sets are actually being highlighted.

Tara dedicates this victory to her Hollywood boyfriend who is Jessie Godderz from Big Brother.

Fans of 1495 Sports are encouraged to check out 1495 Sports TV for our exclusive video chat that we had with Godderz when he was at the Family Wrestling Entertainment X Show, which was held in July.

Recap of the Sting Hall of Fame ceremony

Aces and Eights def. Sting and Bully Ray: Aces and Eights now have full reign of Impact Wrestling

The heel group drags out Joseph Park to the ring.

Turns out Devon is the leader of the heel group

Jeff Hardy def. Austin Aries: Jeff Hardy new TNA Heavyweight Champion

Two high flyers are going at it and are leaving everything on the line. Several near-falls making this match a thriller.

Swanton bomb allows Hardy to pick-up the victory

Hardy new Champ of Impact Wrestling as always stay tuned to see what direction the company will take next with all of these new champions!

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