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1495 Sports Live WWE Results: Monday Night Raw 10/8/12

1495 Sports will be bringing live WWE results for Monday Night Raw for 10/8/12, include thoughts from longtime fan Stacy Podelski.

Here are the full results for fans to enjoy:

John Cena starts off the flagship brand. Says that he misses the fans and wonders if they missed him. Thus far the WWE resident Superman is getting booed out of the building. Cena proceeds to address different issues and is starting to make fun of the crew.

Saying that the WWE has no voice and that C.M. Punk stole it, now the voice of the selfish. A few Punk fans are having their voices heard by cheering for the champ. Reminds Punk that people will remember the moments during his career, Hell in the Cell is one of them and will define his legacy.

Cena says that Punk is not a man, and request that the champ should be a man and face him in the Cell before dropping the microphone and walking away.

Ryback def. Primo and Epico:

Not much of a bout, just to show the strength of the man known as Ryback and continue his push in the company.

Brodus Clay and R-Truth in the ring and everyone dances including Little Jimmy. Before things get too fun, Vince McMahon interrupts and says that his state of the WWE address will be next.

Vince comes out to address the fans. Talking about how there is room for all sorts of things, as there is action, drama, etc. You name it and you get it. Before Vince can get into it, out comes C.M. Punk.

The Boss said that Punk’s new yellow shirt is ugly and how the champ just disrespected him. Punk is giving an intense heel promo. Punk just asked Vince if he respected him, the boss says that the fact that he has held the title for as long as he did has earned his respect.

Vince says that he is not a C.M. Punk guy, in which the champ responds that he is the best in the world and that he is the wheel and that he is the best thing the company has right now. The Champ says that Vince should be kissing his feet and giving him a C.M. Punk appreciation night.

Punk asks if it isn’t him that makes the WWE a billion dollar corporation then who, and The Boss says that the WWE Universe are the ones who make the company. The Boss says that there needs to be someone who should shut the champs mouth.

The Champ just slapped Vince in the face before exiting the arena. Vince just said that he will fire Punk if he does not wrestle the CEO tonight.

Number One Contenders Tag Team Tournament Match:

Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio def. Prime Time Players advancing to the finals of the tournament:

Semi-Surprised that the WWE wasn’t going to push the Prime Time Players, but this fan has a feeling that the Rhodes Scholars will be the ones who earn the shot at the straps.

Paul Heyman and C.M. Punk are in the back talking about challenging Vince McMahon in the back.

Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus:

Out comes The Big Show who brings a stop to the action for a moment.

Tensai and Barrett begin a two-on-one attack on Sheamus. The Celtic Warrior tried to do his Brogue Kick, which was unsuccessful, as Show proceeded to knock the Blue Brand champ out of the ring.

For one this fan wanted to see more of Barrett and Sheamus, here is hoping that is something that the members of the WWE Creative think about for the future.

AJ Lee in the back and is confronted by C.M. Punk who says that what he will do tonight to Vince will eventually lose her the job as GM. Punk tries to talk his way out of the match, but AJ does not give in.

Antonio Cesaro def. Tyson Kidd:

It would have been nice if this bout had went longer, but Cesaro is red-hot among the members of WWE Creative so no surprise that he got the victory tonight.

Kane and Daniel Bryan (Team Heck No) def. Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio:

Probably one of the best matches thus far on Raw. Several near-falls, and everyone is telling a great story.

JR and Vince in the back talking about the Boss taking on the Champ later on tonight.

Larry King is set to interview The Miz, which is happening now.

King says that The Miz is a boring guest and he will replace him with someone more interesting, that man is Kofi Kingston.

After much talking a fight breaks out between Kingston and The Miz

The Rhodes Scholars (Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow) def.  Zack Ryder and Santino Marella:

No surprise here as the Rhodes Scholars are a shoe-in for the Number One contenders spot for the strap.

Jinder Mahal, Heath Slater and Drew McIntyre begin a three-on-one attack to help cement their heel group.

Paul Heyman is trying to convince Vince McMahon that there should be a peace treaty between Vince and C.M. Punk.

FYI CM Punk Best in the World #DVD available in stores everywhere tomorrow!

Eve def. Kaitlyn via submission:

Sadly Kaitlyn was not able to prove herself against a very cunning Eve. It was nice to see a submission move used in women’s wrestling, and things are starting to build as Eve and Layla are set to face each other again for the women’s strap soon.

Larry King interacts with Daniel Bryan about him looking like a goat. Kane comes in and the two proceed to argue.

Punk and Paul Heyman in the back as the Champ vows to make a victim out of Vince McMahon and the duo should enjoy the moment that is about to come.

C.M. Punk vs. Vince McMahon:

At first Punk dominated, but Vince turned the tables causing the Champ to turn tail and run. Punk calls for Heyman and the strap to get out of the building, but McMahon knocks out Heyman and grabs the championship belt.

Punk and McMahon both have kendo sticks, and the boss is bringing a beating on the champ. Low Blow by Punk to regain the advantage.

The Champ was about to put the GTS on McMahon before Ryback comes out to make the save. Ryback tries to hit his finisher but Punk slips away. Vince gives Punk the choice between Ryback or John Cena as his opponent at Hell in the Cell, and if Punk does not chose-Vince will. This decision will be made next week!

Punk who is in the crowd looks on in fear as Vince seems very pleased at the fact that his two warriors have a shot at the WWE Championship. As always stay tuned!

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