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1495 Sports SmackDown recap and thoughts 8/31/12

There were a few highlights from Friday Night SmackDown, as always the Blue Brand continues to be plagued with the recap of what had happened on other WWE programming. If those in charge of the company wonder why the ratings are down all they have to do is look at this most recent (and other) shows as examples why.


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Members of the WWE Universe do not need a million recaps of Triple H’s retirement speech, or of what happened on Raw on Monday night. Fans sit and watch WWE programming pretty regularly so there really is no reason to take time away from your talent to recap what happened on a previous show.

Overall the Blue Brand had some good quality matches that would have been made better if given a bit more time.

Probably the biggest surprise for this fan is the positioning of one Damien Sandow in the company. It feels like just yesterday the young lion had just joined the roster, and here he was on this August 31 episode taking on World Heavyweight Champion Sheamus.

Not that there is anything wrong with the idea of pushing the star, it just feels like there were a lot of other guys who could have used this kind of storyline and never received it.

It also seems curious for this fan personally that Sandow has not even received a feud to help truly build his character and yet here he is getting the opportunity to challenge the champ. It only goes to show the stock in this young man within the members of the WWE Creative is high, and that fans had better get used to seeing him around.

There are quite a few grumblings now on both Raw and SmackDown at the job that one A.J. Lee has done as the GM of the Flagship brand. Just when fans are getting used to having a full time authority figure, the company maybe already thinking of replacing that person.

It feels like a shame to not have AJ as the GM of Raw, thus far things on Monday night have been a ton more interesting and more unpredictable with the Diva in charge. There have been rumblings that one Ric Flair may in fact take over the position-if that is the case it may make for interesting programming.

The WWE once had Flair as an authority figure a while back, and things really didn’t go over the way corporate wanted. This fan personally feels that AJ (unless if she wants to just get back to wrestling) should be given more time and a vote of confidence as GM of Raw-as always though stay tuned to see what happens.

In other things that have caught this fans eye is the fact that the tag division and the women’s division is starting to gain more love over on the Blue Brand. This is the part where all the recaps really hurt SmackDown, because instead of wasting time on what happened on other shows-the company can instead add one more division with a belt to make things a lot more interesting for their fans.

It also hurts because all the recaps that aired really took away from the time that the talent needed to tell a good story.

All the matches from the Mysterio vs. Rhodes to Orton taking on Ziggler were all incredibly solid, but just needed that bit of time so that fans could have enjoyed what were good matches.

Here is hoping that someone-somewhere in WWE Creative will do the right thing for SmackDown by cutting out at least one recap. If the company can do that and continue with the interesting storylines-there will be a bright future and more ratings on the Blue Brand for quite some time.

That is a wrap for this edition of the 1495 Sports SmackDown recap; make sure to stay tuned to 1495 Sports as we will continue to chat about not only pro wrestling, but New York sports!


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