1495 Sports Jets Quotes 8/16/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from the New York Jets from 8/16/12. Included are thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan, Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow.

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Coach Ryan had these opening remarks:

“The people of Cortland, I tip my hat to them.  Everybody was terrific here.  The University, as always, was just amazing.  Everything went off without a hitch.  The weather cooperated, you want to have one really bad rainy day, we had that, and that’s it.  The weather was tremendous, the fields, the cafeterias, everything.  Cortland, they always blow you away.  I mean they blow me away.  They do a tremendous job here and it’s a great place to have training camp.  We’ll see if our streak continues and we make the playoffs. That would be nice.  Really, I couldn’t ask anything more of Cortland and the community, everyone was terrific.  Last day, I felt, some guys were already down at Florham Park, but other than that I thought it was a pretty good practice and some pretty good competition.  Alright let’s go.  Go ahead, fire away and let’s get out of here (laughing).”

On how Tim Tebow handled the various roles:

“I think Tim’s doing a good job as a personal protector, and (with) the quarterback stuff we have him doing, and some wildcat things. I think Tim’s doing well.”

On if he has been happy with Tebow’s progress:

“Absolutely,  I think his completion percentage, I mean you chart everything, was a little below 50 (in OTA’s) and now (in training camp it) is around 65.”

On what the biggest question about the team is:

“I just think we have to get healthy.  I think that’s the big thing. It’s frustrating for everyone, its frustrating for the players themselves.  We have to get guys healthy.  We’re fortunate we haven’t had the major injury.  We have had things that they’re going to get better from, but that’s been frustrating.  We haven’t had the receivers out there.  We have three of our top receivers missing, and that’s not a good thing.  Other than that, I feel pretty good about where our team is.”

On how long the starters will play on Saturday:

“I want to have some guys shorter than (others), but probably a half, close to a half.  A guy like Brandon Moore probably won’t play more than a quarter, but I would like to get them out there for about a half.”

On if he believes that (Mark) Sanchez can be a top-10 quarterback in the NFL:

“Again, I don’t want to put a number out there, where you’d rank him, but I feel great about Mark, there’s no doubt.  He has all the tools, he has a great grasp of the system, and now he has experience, which you can’t buy, going into his fourth season.  He has a lot more experience with NFL coverage and different disguises.  When you enter this league as a rookie, you think you see things and these (defensive) coordinators will fire a bunch of different looks at you, but Mark now has experience.”

Sanchez gave reporters gave these thoughts on closing camp at Cortland:

“Overall, (there are) a lot of positive feelings about camp. We’re really excited to break camp, get home and get back to our facility, but we can’t thank SUNY Cortland enough. The people around town have been great. The fans came out to practice. On the field, the football side of it, I think it was the best camp I’ve been a part of. We had plenty of individual time with our coaches to really work on some specific fundamentals that each coach wanted to target (with) their players. I think when we got into our team settings, it was very competitive. That is what Rex (Ryan) wanted. I (also) think we grew a lot as a team, on and off the field. Overall, it was a great experience and it will help us during the season.”

On if he thinks he can be one of the 10 best quarterbacks in the NFL:

“Sure, you have to think that. You have to play like that and as soon as you get on the field, you have to be the baddest guy out there. The toughest, the best, the most accurate and you have to want to win. I think we have a lot of guys like that, so that’s good for us.”

On the improvement in his demeanor on the field:

“I think a lot of it just comes with experience. Being in those situations before, you know when you throw an interception in camp (that) you have to practice what you’re going to do during the season. If you start pouting and putting your head down during practice, it’s going to happen at MetLife Stadium or somewhere else on the road. If you look away, gather yourself for a couple seconds, come right back, inspire the guys in the huddle, let them know you’ve made a mistake and move on, that will be the habit. That’s what I try to do. I think anticipating those dog days of camp, I was really proud of doing that because you compete with those dog days with your energy and show guys you can’t take days off. I really made it a point to do that this year. When you come back from your first preseason game, everybody kind of has one foot out the door. You have to reel them back in and you really do that with your energy, poise and excitement. I think that’s where I’ve really grown.”

Tim Tebow gave these thoughts on how he thinks things are going on the offense:

“I think some things are going really well. I feel like we’re executing some things pretty good. Obviously, the more reps you get, the more comfortable you are with all the (running) backs, the (offensive) line, all different checks and such, but I feel like it’s going well.”

On what he thinks he improved on the most:

“Probably rhythm and timing, and learning the offense and the play-action drops under center. I know that sounds cliché. I feel like I always say that, but it is a big deal and you’re used to doing other things and that’s key. It gives you accuracy, it gives you timing, it gives you anticipation, all those things, so I think that’s one thing I feel I really improved at and am continuing to work on every day.”

On if he has a message for the fans:

“I just want to say thank you for their support here in Cortland. They made the trip great and it was a lot of fun being here. The fans were wonderful and I know they came from all over and from here, so we really appreciate their support.”


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