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1495 Sports is proud to bring these New York Jets quotes from 8/15/12. Included are thoughts from head coach Rex Ryan along with Calvin Pace, Darrelle Revis and Bart Scott.

Coach Ryan gave these thoughts on if the Giants game on Saturday will serve as a ‘measuring stick:’

“You can’t go up against anybody better than them.  They were the World Champs last year, so we will see.  Obviously, it will be a great test.  They rush the passer about as well as any group in the National Football League so that will be a challenge.  Offensively, Eli (Manning) and all of the weapons that they have, it will be a great challenge.”

On points of emphasis for the Giants game:

“I think the points of emphasis will be to see some improvement.  I think as you get going, not just with the first group, but the second group and so on, you want to see guys stepping up because this is the time you’ll see, can guys handle the playbook because maybe you extend the playbook a little bit, change positions on some guys, can they handle it?  If they can’t, the NFL like you say, durability is just as important as athletic ability.  Guys that can do different things, maybe it is get on the field, if you haven’t had the reps, well you still have to go out and play.  We will see some of that and the mental part of it, so I think that is it.  You need every single person on your roster.  All 53 guys you will need at some point and the practice squad, but the value of those guys increases the more position flexibility that you have.  We will do that with some of our guys.”

On Mark Sanchez’s progress as a quarterback going into his fourth season:

“I think his confidence is higher than I have ever seen it.  I think his confidence is right there.  He can make all of the throws.  He is no stranger to the coverage’s now.  As multiple as they are in this league, he is able to identify them.  I think he is sky high right now in his confidence and I think his teammates have that confidence in him as well.”

On how this year’s defense stacks up against the other defensive units in the league:

“I am not sure, numbers wise, we think we’ll be in the top five because that’s what you go on. Will we have the best defense in the league? I don’t know. There are a lot of good defenses out there. I certainly think putting out that kind of defense is a goal of ours every year. We’ll see. I feel good. A lot of things have to happen. You have to stay healthy and your offense has a lot to do with it as well. Being able to maintain possession of the football is a big factor in a defense’s success. We know that we’ve had a history here of wanting to have the best defense in the league, even though it has been only three years. That’s what we’re shooting for.”

On what they’re doing to prepare for the Giants game:

“Right now, we’re getting through training camp, installing a new offense and sharpening up communication on defense. I think (putting in a game plan is) not in their minds at all. We have plenty of work to do. There is no game-planning from our end or I’m sure the Giants. You just go out there and compete. Those are the things that you’re looking at. We’re still at an evaluation stage and trying to get things in. You put your installations in and go out and compete against someone in a different color jersey.”

Pace gave these thoughts on how he sees the defense right now:

“We’re looking good as usual. We’re fine. I like the direction that we’re going in terms of everybody doing their part. It’s practice, I mean it’s tough to judge things until you get into some game action and this week right here, playing the Giants, will be a good test for us. (They’re a) good physical team. You know Eli’s (Eli Manning) pedigree, he’s one of the best doing it right now. (They have a good) receiving corps, so I think it’s a good game for where we are in the preseason and I’m looking forward to it.”

On if the Giants game can be a measuring stick even though it’s preseason:

“Yeah, yeah, it always is. We always play them obviously and it’s always a good gauge. There (are) some times (where we’ve had) good battles in the past. They’re physical, well-coached, and obviously they had a great run last year for a reason. Like you said, I think this is a good point in time for us to have that type of test- second (preseason) game. We’re going to play the half, so I’m looking forward to (hitting) somebody other than ourselves. I think it will be a good test.”

On where he feels he is right now:

“I’m fine, for me, I try to work on something different every day, whether it just be some technical things or just going to the ball. You know, it’s a grind. We’re away from our homes, our families, and sometimes you get into a mindset of just trying to make it through the day and that’s not the right way to do it. (You should) try to get better at something (everyday). I like where it is and I’m happy to be leaving here in a couple days.”

Revis gave these thoughts on whether Mark Sanchez has made progress:

“He’s always been improving.  I think the best thing that he’s been doing is the placement of his balls on deep throws. He’s throwing them away from the defenders.  He’s putting the ball where it needs to be. He’s making great checks and he’s running the offense. You see it.  It’s an up-tempo offense that (Coach Tony) Sparano’s running and he’s in control of it so he’s been doing a great job at that.”

On how good the secondary group can be this season:

“I think we can be very good.  We have a lot of experience.  This is my fourth year, this is Cro’s (Antonio Cromartie) third, this is Kyle’s (Wilson) third and then we have LaRon (Landry) back there and Yeremiah (Bell) with a lot of football experience.  So, we’re excited, we’re very excited.  We want to be a physical secondary and that’s how we want to play.”

On his progress through camp:

“It’s great.  It’s great to be here.  I think the best thing I could say is it’s great to be around my teammates, it really is.  To just joke around and have fun and come out here and work, it’s good.  Myself, I’m ready to go.  I’m ready for the season, ready to do what I do.  Just play the best defense I can and help my team win.”

Scott gave these thoughts on how he thought the defense performed against the Bengals:

“Great teaching tape.  We did some good things, we did some bad things.  I know it sounds cliché, but when you look at the film, it’s all technique issues and things like that where you’re really not used to bending in your pads.  Whenever you come in (to the first preseason game) your pad level is high, you know the game is a little faster than what it has normally been.  When you get to the second preseason game it slows down, you work on the techniques and the mistakes that you had the game before, you’re communication is different.  When you get to a season, you’re going to tighten your game plan down.  You’re going to game plan, and look at the opponent, and have an idea of what kind of offense they run.  Our first two (preseason) games we go into it totally blind.  I don’t know how other teams do it but we don’t watch film on the other team.  So we go out there and we force ourselves to react, just doing our rules and playing our techniques.”

On if he can see a difference in Mark Sanchez:

“I think everybody has seen a difference in how he walks, how he handles it if he throws a bad ball, how he carries himself.  Mark’s always been a guy that you can see his emotions and how he’s feeling about himself by his facial expressions.  I think now he carries himself upright and he sticks that chest out like a peacock and I think that really shows confidence to him, but it also helps and inspires his players because they respond (to him) because he’s their leader, and they’re are going to go as he goes.”

On how difficult it will be for the defense to go from being ranked fifth to first:

“It’s a team goal you know what I mean.  You have to think, it’s not just on the defense.  For the offense to be a great scoring offense, it’s not just on them.  We have to set them up on three-and-outs, return the ball, put them on short fields, put them in scoring positions, get turnovers.  On the flip side, time of possession is key, you know, it’s paramount.  The more the defense is on the field, a lot of time the lower the ranking is going to be.  Our first year, when we were number one in defense, it wasn’t a coincidence that we were number one rushing the ball.  Eating up the clock, game management, being able to take your shots, getting up by two scores, and take the air out of the ball. You look at all the good defenses and they have the same thing, they’re able to protect the ball, so I think if we play better as a team, the defense has a great chance.  If we’re turning the ball over or we can’t get off the field, it’s going to be a downward spiral.”


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