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Super SmackDown updates as the two champs steal the Blue Brand

C.M. Punk. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

WWE fans were in for a special treat on Tuesday night, as the company decided to have a very special edition of SmackDown. The Super Show had stars from both brands and the full recaps of everything that happened on the Blue Brand can be seen below:

Daniel Bryan and A.J. start the show, Bryan begins his ‘I am a role model’ heel speech. Vows to ruin Sheamus WrestleMania moment before being interrupted by The Miz, who mentored the young lion during NXT.

Miz giving himself all the credit for Bryan’s success and says congrats to his former student. Sheamus comes out and interrupts both men-calls Bryan a coward.

Miz confronts Sheamus saying that he needs to be taken down a notch or two, saying that ‘Great White’ has some nerve to interrupt himself and the World Heavyweight Champion. Things get physcial between Sheamus and The Miz, during the break SmackDown GM Teddy Long books a match between these two men.

Sheamus def. The Miz: No real surprise here as Great White is 41 days away from his WrestleMania bout with Daniel Bryan for the strap. Meanwhile The Miz has been stuck in jobberville, which is a shame since the Awesome One is a good promo guy as well as a wrestler.

Aksana and Teddy Long are in the back before John Laurinaitis and David Otunga  interrupts the duo. Johnny Ace is still looking over to take over both Raw and SmackDown. Long sticks up for himself saying the only place Laurinaitis belongs is the men’s room. Stay tuned for Otunga vs. Ezekiel Jackson later on tonight.

Stay tuned for Monday as The Rock will return to the WWE, will answer the very emotional speech that John Cena gave on the Flagship Brand yesterday.

Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger def. Kofi Kingston/R-Truth: Ziggler poked Kofi in the eyes before hitting the Zig-Zag for the victory. A catchy name for Ziggler/Swagger is needed, as these two young lions continue to impress on both Raw and SmackDown.

Congrats to Ron Simmons, who is the latest inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame. Santino Marella is in the back practicing his ‘Cobra’ strike on plastic cups, when Heath Slater interrupts. A bit of a lighthearted moment from the company before going into the C.M. Punk/Chris Brown twitter war.

Drew McIntyre is about to job to the Great Khali-very quick bout with the Punjabi plunge makes you wonder when the company will give the man formerly known as ‘The Chosen One” a chance to shine.

Mark Henry vs. The Big Show: Before the bout could continue Cody Rhodes interrupts the two rivals. The WWE really cannot be trying to sell us a Rhodes/Show rivalry. This does nothing to help the career of Rhodes, who should be facing someone like Daniel Bryan for the World Heavyweight Championship.

With the lack of star power there is no one on the Blue Brand to help Cody elevate his career further so, stay tuned for this one. Show KO’s Henry to continue to try to chase down the sly Cody Rhodes.

Raw Recap: as The Undertaker/Triple H bout is set for WrestleMania, the two icons are slated to meet in Hell in a Cell bout in the Granddaddy of them all. This fan is confused, as you know it won’t be the end of either man’s career, and you know the streak won’t end here, with the biggest two WrestleMania’s right around the corner. Stay tuned!

David Otunga def. Ezekiel Jackson: Video promo makes this fan believe that this rivalry between the two powerhouses will be tied after tonight. In spite of that video promo the A-List picks-up his second straight victory over Zeke, this fan wishes these two would have an interesting feud, as fans would probably buy into these two athletes going at it.

Recap of how Eve was using Zack Ryder to propel herself to climb the ladder in the WWE. Video recap of her interacting with John Cena from Raw last night. The company promises to have an interview with the Diva to continue the storyline, and her heel turn.

Backstage interview with C.M. Punk before he faces Daniel Bryan in the Main Event. Punk calls out Bryan for using the Straight Edge society/vegetarian gimmick-thank you Punk for saying that, as this fan has been thinking that for weeks now.

C.M. Punk vs. Daniel Bryan: Very competitive bout between the two men, great story before Bryan tries to run away from his equal in Punk. Sheamus comes out and just throws Daniel into the GTS by C.M. Punk, just as the WWE Champ is celebrating John Laurinaitis comes out to continue the bout between the two champions.

Bryan rolls-up Punk for the victory using the ropes, but before Daniel can celebrate Teddy Long comes out to continue the bout. Main Event has been the highlight of SmackDown thus far.

It seemed as if both men’s shoulders were on the mat, and both stars were celebrating the win. Johnny Ace put all his cards behind D-Bry, while Teddy supports C.M. Punk. Before SmackDown ended Long and Laurinaitis go at it, seems as if there is going to be a war between the two General Managers for full control of the WWE TV shows.

Thanks for joining us and hopefully see you all next time for the 1495 Sports WWE updates!

Written on February 22, 2012

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