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2/10/12 SmackDown results

Fans of Friday Night SmackDown here are the full results from the 2/10/11 episode:

Teddy Long announces Big Show and Sheamus vs. Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett for later tonight.

Jinder Mahal def. The Great Khali

Beth Phoenix def. Alicia Fox

Video Promo for The Rock

Immature fart promo with Natalya, Tyson Kidd and Hornswoggle-sad to see someone like Natalya being used like this, she’d be better served in a feud with Beth Phoenix.

Show/Sheamus def. Rhodes/Barrett

Michael Cole to interview A.J. next on SmackDown:

A.J. calling-out Cole right now, saying the heel announcer has stirred-up the pot with her boyfriend Daniel Bryan and the Big Show.

A.J. to Cole, ‘The WWE would be a better place if you just shut your mouth.”

Bryan comes out does his whole, ‘Straight Edge’ vegetarian promo to gain more heel heat with the fans.

Daniel was going to try to weasel his way out of the main event match with Randy Orton, when Teddy Long comes out. Long tells the young champ that if he leaves the building, he will lose his strap.

Ted DiBiase def. Hunico via a roll-up

Phone interview with John Laurinaitis about the Interim GM keeping his job on Monday Night

The Big Show joins the play-by-play booth for the Orton/Bryan match

Daniel Bryan def. Randy Orton via disqualification

Bryan was going to take his strap and leave the arena, when show tosses the champ back to the Viper. The referee sees this and calls for the DQ.

Afterward a very heated Orton and Big Show go at it, as SmackDown goes off the air.

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