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1495 Sports photo gallery and recap from the WWE show at Madison Square Garden

There is always something special about a WWE event held at Madison Square Garden. Fans in New York are not afraid to tell you how they feel about you, and the WWE Universe is always into every moment at every show. With many first time fans, as well as veterans in The Garden the company held the Raw Supershow, in New York City, as a part of the Holiday Tour.

Fans in attendance were split three ways with supporters of John CenaC.M. Punk and Zack Ryder all in attendance. The Garden rocked when these three men entered the arena, fans also showed respect to Mick Foley-who made his return to New York City.

In what was the funniest moment of the night happened during the John Cena/Kane bout, when fans had a dueling chant of “You can’t wrestle’ -‘Yes you can.’ It is clear that the WWE Universe is still decided on the direction on the resident WWE Superman.

Results from the amazing night at MSG were:

Dolph Ziggler wins a battle royal to challenge for the U.S. Championship

Beth Phoenix def. Eve to retain the Diva’s Championship. The Glamazon received help from the Bella Twins, who are continuing their heel characters. The Bellas continued the segment with an attack on Eve, before Kelly Kelly came in to make the save.

Mick Foley returns to a huge ovation from the MSG Crowd, before the Hardcore legend can continue his speech he is interrupted by Jack Swagger. TheAll-American-American is pissed at the idea how he is not booked for a match at MSG, and demands one with Foley.

Instead of facing Mick, Swagger faces Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, these two stars put on an solid match witch Jerry wins to appease the New York fans. To make the crowd reaction lowder in comes Foley with the Mandible Claw.

Zack Ryder def. Dolph Ziggler to retain the U.S. Championship. At first Ziggler earned the victory, but Ryders foot was on the second rope, thankfully the referee reversed the decision and Zack hit the Ruff Ryder for the win. Very entertaining bout as fans were enjoying both characters.

John Cena def. Kane via disqualification: It was in this part of the bout that the buzz around the current Kane stirs, fans surrounding this fan were wondering if this was the same guy that we know and love-or a new man to play the role of the monster. This is something that has been following this fan for some time, so it’d be interesting to see if this is in fact the real Kane.

This was one of two matches that had The Garden rocking, as the controversial  Cena was even fired-up by the crowd reaction. Love him or hate him, John always feeds off the energy from the WWE Universe.

Probably the funniest chant heard during this bout was the You can’t wrestle/Yes you can chants. This fan would not be surprised to hear this in more arenas around the WWE Universe, and maybe even see a t-shirt made from it for the pro-Cena fans. Stay tuned. In the end Kane gave in to his hatred, and used a steel chair to attack the resident Superman.

At first the Big Red Machine was going to walk away, but the pro-Cena chants brought him back to attack the mega-face. Instead John turned the table hitting the AA to end the segment.

The special show ended with a steel cage bout between C.M. Punk and The Miz, this was probably the bout of the night as both men teetered on the top of the cage. Featuring several near-falls and both stars using their finishing moves, it was Punk that was the victor to retain his U.S. Championship.

For those wondering the first step of the renovation of Madison Square Garden has really made the Mecca beautiful, and this fan was very impressed with the changes.

Here is a special photo gallery from the night:

Hopefully fans enjoyed this special recap and photos from the WWE show at MSG. Thanks for checking in and as always stay tuned!

Recap and photos posted on 12/18/11

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