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Clover Stadium to have Luck of the Irish over the Summer

Clover Stadium will have the luck of the Irish this summer, as they have a chance to hose the first All-Irish baseball team making their debut on June 17.

The team named the Irish Wolfhounds will have a chance to thrill fans with their style of play, going up against some great competition. Thus far the schedule for the Irish Wolfhounds will take on a team of the NY Finest Baseball Club, which is NYPD officers who played either collegiately or professional. This game is set to take place on Irish Heritage Night prior to that the New York Boulders will take on the Lake Erie Crushers.

“Irish Heritage Night is always a special night for our fans because of our large Irish American population,” explained New York Boulders Team President Shawn Reilly. “This year, we get to see history as the first All-Irish club takes the field for the first time.”

It will be a great competition for the Wolfhounds as the NY Finest has also gone up against Team Israel during the 2021 season.

“We love the competition and the international element adds to the excitement,” explained NY Finest Team President

Jose Vasquez. “The Wolfhounds look like the real deal, so we’ll be ready.”

The Wolfounds will feature some of the finest players out there, as there will be a ton that has college and professional experience. Each player is also able to represent Ireland in the Olympics and the World Baseball Classic.

“There are many talented baseball players who are Irish citizens and could help Team Ireland qualify for the Olympics and World Baseball Classic,” explained Wolfhounds GM John Fitzgerald. “We hope to see Ireland compete at baseball’s highest levels. Until that time, Irish Baseball fans can rally around the Wolfhounds Baseball Club.”

For more information on the Irish Baseball fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:

Irish American Baseball Society (irishbaseball.org)

For more information on the New York Boulders fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:

NY Boulders Baseball

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