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RAW Recap: Lots to think about as WWE builds to SummerSlam

Photo of Drew McIntyre by Stacy Podelski

Greetings to all, it has been a while since I’ve posted anything Pro Wrestling on here. Been watching the product to see what moves the company will make. Here are some overall thoughts from yesterday’s (8/3)  episode of Monday Night Raw.

It seems as if there is a new group in the company called The Hurt Business, which is led by MVP and features Bobby Lashley and the newly added Shelton Benjamin. I personally as someone who has enjoyed wrestling since I was younger was never really a fan of the ‘groups’ I feel like a ton can get lost in the shuffle, but I hope something special can get done for The Hurt Business. I really enjoy MVP as a character, Bobby Lashley is so dominant that he totally deserves more opportunities in the WWE, and well Shelton Benjamin is one of those guys that can carry the company on his back if he wanted too.

Really hope something can be done with The Hurt Business, we will see in time. Was also glad to see the return of Apollo Crews. Crews is a tremendous talent and has told some great matches in the ring so far, and I for one am excited to see what he can do on a nightly basis for the WWE.

Thought it was interesting the whole thing with the power going out and the microphones going off. Am unsure if that was due to the hurricane that was in the area, or if something else happened. It seemed very strange to have the lights going like that and hopefully it is something that will be fixed for the future.

Am unsure of what to think of the reunited Riott Squad, the tag division for the women is really really thin. In other women’s wrestling action what happened between Shayna Baszler and Sasha Banks was a shame. The ladies were putting on one heck of a match when Asuka came into interrupt the match. I personally was hoping for an Asuka vs. Shayna vs. Sasha match at SummerSlam but instead we will get Asuka vs Sasha.

Will be interested to see if Shayna will get whoever is next, think it’ll be nice to have things mixed up a little. Really hope these runs of having people come in and interrupting a match come to an end soon. The bout between Sasha and Shayna for me was a fun one and really gave me a great appreciation for how just amazingly talented the two women are.

In a personal opinion am unsure of what to think of the Drew McIntyre vs Randy Orton match that is going to happen at SummerSlam. For the record I can’t cut a promo for the life of me (there is a reason why I am sitting behind a keyboard) but thought the idea of Drew attacking Randy for the fact that he is a multi-generation star-was glad that Orton called him out on it and that Drew did the line with the receipts.

To be able to pull off a promo in the middle of a ring is probably one of the toughest things to do. Can’t even imagine building up a feud with Randy Orton.

Really proud of Drew and the run he is having with the championship and really hope he can keep running with it for a while.

Am unsure of how to feel with the whole RAW Underground idea. Obviously the Fight Club jokes are bound to be in there somewhere no. If the WWE are going to be throwing new ideas out there to break up the show a bit I say keep going with it. The only thing I would personally change was the fact that they had way too many promos on SmackDown but that is a blog on another show entirely.

It’ll be interesting to see where the company goes with the feuds that they have thus far, I am also interested to see what they will do that is different for SummerSlam this year. Really like what the company did with the Money In the Bank pay-per-view and hope that the company tries to do more innovations with their special events this year.

As always stay tuned and feel free to leave a comment to chat about Pro Wrestling sometime!


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