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Washington Capitals set to face Tampa Bay Lighting in Round Robin Series

It has been five months since the Washington Capitals and the Tampa Bay Lightning  or any NHL team really has seen meaningful hockey. These two teams who have had to get adjusted to being in a bubble and all of the teams having to play in a designated hub setting due to the Coronavirus now will have an opportunity to play the sport that they love again.

Set to start on Monday the Caps-Bolts tilt is the first of a round robin series of games for both teams, featuring the top four teams in the NHL’s Eastern Conference. The NHL returned in what will be an interest format to this years schedule. Over the weekend NHL had two days of  continuous playoff – or “play-in” – hockey. It is every hockey fans dream come true as some of the top teams in the league all faced off in what was some amazing action.

On Sunday afternoon Boston and Philadelphia participated in the first Eastern Conference round robin game, with the Flyers earning a 4-1 victory. The Capitals will get their turn against the Lighting on Monday. This round robin series concludes this Sunday as the Capitals face the Bruins, with the opening round of the Stanley Cup playoffs getting underway days after that.

It’ll be a fast paced schedule for sure, but exciting to see how the new format plays out and what teams respond to this Round Robin Series style of play.

The Capitals have had some time to prepare as they have been training since July 13, when the team opened their phase 3 training camp. So far with one exhibition game under their belt, a 3-2 victory over the Carolina Hurricanes to go along with some instrasquasquad camp scrimmages the hope is the team will have some great hockey legs going into this fast paced schedule.

It’ll be exciting times and hockey for sure as the Washington Capitals and Tampa Bay Lighting meet in a game that is set to start at 4:00 p.m. Anyone wanting to catch the action on TV can do so via the NBC network.

For more information on the Washington Capitals fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:


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