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Sleeping Giant Will Awaken in Chiefs Kingdom

The term “don’t wake the sleeping giant” has been used to describe refraining from disturbing a powerful force. The team that resides in Kansas City is the NFL’s sleeping giant. While the playoffs feature the last eight teams remaining, the Chiefs have been arguably the least talked about despite being the most dangerous. Unfortunately for the rest of the league, the sleeping giant will indeed awaken Sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium for the revenge game against the Houston Texans.


If not for a wild off-sides by defender Dee Ford in last year’s AFC Championship game to the eventual Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots, KC not only advances to the big game, but likely wins it too. A true heartbreak for the team that ran roughshod over anything in its path last year behind superstar QB Patrick Mahomes historic season where he eclipsed over 5,000 passing yards and 50 touchdowns. A psychological scar still deeply embroidered in this organization’s head reminds them of the unfinished business they need to tend to.


A 12-4 team that captured the number two seed in the conference, the Chiefs surprisingly have flown under the radar for most of the season. Of course, Mahomes injured his ankle early in the road win at the Broncos in week 7, which initially was thought to be catastrophic, but eventually returned a few weeks later when the team squared off with the Titans. Perhaps QB1 possessing a natural regression off his MVP season to the tune of 4,031 yards and 26 touchdowns is leaving people disinterested. Or perhaps it is the team the media is going gaga for since week 1.


All the talk in 2019 has been soon to be MVP Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens pacing the NFL with a 14-2 record, number one seed, and a swagger that is leaving others like Austin Powers when he lost his mojo. What of the team that beat this well-oiled machine in crab cake county, USA? The Chiefs edged them out back in week 3 33-28 at home. The most glaring difference between then and now? KC wideout Tyreek Hill was unable to suit up because of a shoulder injury. Obviously, a lot of time has passed since then, but the team most are not talking about found the formula to knock off the Ravens. Keep Jackson in the pocket, and make him beat you with his arm. In that game, he was a mere 23/43 for 267 yards and no touchdowns. While he did scamper for 46 yards and a touchdown on eight carries, it was gaining a decent lead on them and forcing him to be a pocket passer that gave the Chiefs the advantage. Something that will most likely be looked at again should KC knock off the Texans this weekend.


While it is surprising few have talked them up, make no mistake, the sleeping giant Kansas City Chiefs will awaken in full force this weekend as they look to capture the very thing that has eluded Head Coach Andy Reid for over 20 years. The Lombardi Trophy.

For more information on the Kansas City Chiefs fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:


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