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New York Liberty Bring Walt Hopkins Home to Brooklyn

Growing up as a 10-year-old boy in Brooklyn, NY,  Walt Hopkins could never imagine being able to Coach in his hometown for a WNBA team, instead Hopkins was hoping to be in the world of Professional Wrestling.

Somewhere along the way Coach Hopkins traded in his speedos in exchange for his Coaching Hat, found a passion for Women’s Basketball and sat at the Barclays Center on a chilly day in Brooklyn, being named the newest Head Coach for the New York Liberty.

Coaching decisions are never easy ones as General Manger Jonathan Kolb informed the media today, but with the combination of his Brooklyn roots and all the time that he has spent in development Coach Hopkins is definitely a great candidate for the job.

Being touted as a humble genius by General Manager Kolb, one could really see the passion and intelligence that Coach Kolb has for the sport of Basketball. Prior to joining the Liberty Walt Hopkins spent time as an Assistant Coach with the Minnesota Lynx.

During his time as assistant coach with the Lynx, Hopkins helped accumulate a 63-39 record, three consecutive trips to the WNBA Playoffs and one WNBA Championship.

Hopkins has moved around a ton, but has felt the warmth from the fans in his original roots in Brooklyn and will be instrumental to propelling the Liberty in their Community Related Events, that include events such like Unity Day and the multitude of other great events they hold throughout the year.

The Liberty, who are expected to play at the Barclays Center in the 2020 season, also have the Number One pick in this seasons draft as well as being under new management as well. There is a ton of new interest in the team and this 2020 season will be a great one for sure.

1495Sports is proud to bring the following video from the Press Conference held by the team today:

Featuring General Manager Jonathan Kolb and the newest New York Liberty Head Coach Walt Hopkins

SPPHOTOGRAPHYNYC was able to capture some photos from the Press Conference and fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here for the images:


For more information on the New York Liberty fans are encouraged to click on the link seen here:


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