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Some advice for Steve Masiello

Though I am not an expert and there is still a decision to be made by Manhattan College on the future of Steve Masiello, this journalist decided to throw her hat into putting this piece out to the world.IMG_0607

No matter what the decision Manhattan College makes (probably one of the toughest) here are some things that Masiello can do next to start his road to redemption.

1) Accept the decision and find someplace to hold some sort of press conference and let the truth be known:

In this case Steve the Truth really shall Set you free. You want to rebuild your reputation and your name the best way to do so is to start at the truth.

2) Have your actions reflect the words you say to people:

One of the hardest things to do is rebuild your relationship with people, there are going to be many who you will have to convince what you say is true. If you want do that you will have to make sure your actions reflect the words that you give to people.

3) Apologize:

For many an I am sorry may not help heal the wounds (which is why the action reflect the words bulletin is up here).

If you didn’t get your degree no matter what your first step is to find  a place and finish that degree. Set something up with the administration where they carefully follow your progress.

Also if/when you are ready and when the time is right maybe look into being a special guest speaker down the line. A lot of student-athletes can learn from your story. Once you finally get that diploma and have lived the life of redemption they can see how important it is to get that College Education.

There are probably even more steps that people may want that I may have missed, but these are just maybe some of the things to consider.

This is going to be a tough road for everyone, there is a lot of hurt and pain right now. While there maybe many who may not ever be able to forgive that is something that Steve Masiello will have to live with, along with the decision that Manhattan College has to make on his future as a Coach.

At the end of the day though Steve if you want your true shot at greatness, at redemption and to show the world who you truly are as a man-those are only some of the steps you have to take to regain your reputation.

This journalist is wishing all the best for Manhattan College, for years I have admired them from a distance and had the honor of being able to cover the basketball team’s this season. Once the decision is finally made know that it will be posted here on the site.

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