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New York Jets Quotes ~ 12/18/13

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 12/18/13:

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening statement:

“I thought practice was pretty good today. We made a few more mistakes than we have the last couple of weeks. We’re putting that wishbone in offensively, so that’s probably one of the issues (joking). But no, you put a couple new things in, you have a new opponent, but it wasn’t as sharp. I thought Geno (Smith) threw the ball well. I’m glad we never played today (and) that we have time to fix some things, but I thought the practice was good. We’re flying around, the intensity was good, we just have to clean a few things up. As far as injuries today: Kellen Winslow did not practice. That’s that knee injury and that’s the pitch count type deal that we’ve been doing the last few weeks. Guys that we’re limited today: Antonio Cromarite with his hip, Santonio Holmes with foot and hamstring, Ellis Lankster with a jaw and Sheldon Richardson with a wrist and finger. Everybody else was full.”

His message to the team today, now that they are out of playoff contention:

“Well, the team felt like I did, I think everybody did, which was kind of unanimous, that the guy (Justin Tucker) kicked the ball (for a) 61-yard field goal, but, myself included, I felt like I got kicked in the head. I know, look, it was going to be a stretch, but you’re hanging on hope and so, we all watched it. There’s no question I watched it and as soon as he made it, it’s like, ‘Man.’ That’s your mission every year is to get in the playoffs and then let’s see what happens. Even though our hopes were slim, I much rather have that than be here today in front of you with no chance of making the playoffs. That doesn’t mean we’re not going to play incredibly hard and everything else because we will. But man, I hated to see that happen.”

On who are his most improved players this season:

“Well, I don’t know. There’s a lot of guys that have made strides. A lot of guys have improved. But, I think the ones that would jump out at me, clearly you have, I think the communication starts with (Dawan) Landry. (He’s) done a great job back there. But, Demario Davis, I think his play has really improved, which you’d expect from a young player, but I see him getting better. You look at the young safeties, Antonio Allen specifically; I think he’s improved quite a bit. The d-line, Snacks (Damon Harrison), the way he’s played, is nothing short of impressive. So, there’s guys. But a guy in my opinion, it sounds crazy and he’s played 11 years in the league, that is playing as good now as he ever has is Calvin Pace. And I think that just shows you the commitment that he’s had, that he’s had in his offseason condition. The fact that we’ve asked him to do several different roles and he’s accepted every single one and he’s gotten better. He’s gotten better as a pass rusher. I think he’s got nine sacks on the season. His play, it’s been super. Hopefully, he’s able to get that 10th sack. That would be a little cherry on top because you want to get to double digits, but it’s been more than just the sacks for him. His play has been outstanding.”

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On if he feels that he is improving:

“Yeah, I feel like I’m improving. That’s pretty much the goal every single day, to go out and try to improve in some way, shape or form. I’ve been trying to do that every single game (and) every single day in practice. It’s been working for me, I’ve shown progress. That’s something that’s a good sign but I have to keep climbing and not focus on where I am now but where I want to be in the future.”

If there is a particular area that he feels has improved:

“I just think my understanding of games, more now than maybe ever before. Just my understanding of time and situations. I’m still learning. I had an instance in the previous game where I forced the ball late in the game and it ultimately cost us. Just things I’ve been learning from and just overall just getting better and having a better feel for the offense and the guys around me.”

On how important is it to finish 8-8 opposed to 6-10:

“Well, right now it’s more important to get a victory this season. We’re not trying to look ahead like we’ve always said. We’re just taking this step-by-step and day-by-day.”

How important it is to win at home this weekend:

“Yeah, it’s very important. We have done well at home this year but we have to continue that. We have another home game left and obviously we want to win it and kind of leave our fans with something to smile about going into the offseason. We have to take it one step at a time and it started today in practice. I think we had a really good practice today, guys were sharp and bouncing around. We have to do that again tomorrow. ”

On if he has another moment in his career where he has struggled:

“Yeah, sure. Every single year you are going to have obstacles, you’re going to have ups and downs. The key thing is that you continue to plug at it and you continue to work and keep getting better. That’s something that’s pretty much contagious around here. Every single guy in this locker room has that same mindset and that’s really good to see. We’re all improving together.”

Linebacker Calvin Pace:

On Coach Ryan’s comments about him having his best season:

“It’s been cool. I wish we had some more wins, but the things that I’ve done I’ve had a lot of help with. The talent I play with is phenomenal. Having (Head Coach) Rex (Ryan) back in the room has helped me a lot. It’s a little bit of me and a lot of other people to help out.”

How important it is to win the last two games:

“Very important, we’re just trying to finish what we signed up for. We didn’t sign up for 14 games, we signed up for 16 (games). It’s a tough situation knowing that, technically, I guess we aren’t going to the playoffs. But again, treat these next two games like this week is the AFC Championship game and next game is the Super Bowl. That’s all we can do. It is what it is, but it will be very important to get this last one in front of our crowd and finish strong at home.”

On what having double-digit sacks would mean to him:

“It will mean a lot. I always set personal goals and it’s hard to put a number (on the) amount of sacks, obviously double digits is good. Again, if I get it (and) I’m hoping that I do, I just owe a lot to Rex, Coach Dunbar (and) the guys I play with because they have made it easier. They help me out a lot. “

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