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New York Jets Quotes ~ 11/27/13

Here are some New York Jets quotes for 11/27/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Head Coach Rex Ryan:

Opening statement:

“First off, Happy Thanksgiving. For some reason I don’t think you guys are going to be here tomorrow. I was going to have a great press conference, too. It was going to be an all-timer (joking). Today’s practice was good, energetic, guys were ready to go. We all know how important this game is. You can sense it. Not that all games aren’t, we know it is, but this one is definitely a critical game for us and Miami as well.”

How the receivers can improve their drops and help Geno Smith:

“Well, I think there’s a couple things. First off, our guys work extremely hard even after practice. They’re on the jugs machine every single day that the group has. And really up until that point, have done a tremendous job. I thought early in the year we had some drops, they came back and really focused on it. Sanjay (Lal) does a great job with those guys. And then the other thing is just, how we can help, is just get out there on the practice field. Sometimes, we’ve had a list of injuries. David (Nelson) this past week had an illness so he was out, he missed time. Tone (Holmes) missed a lot of reps last week. So, the timing and all that, if you’re running a route but it’s designed for a certain player and that player is not in there, you get to a game and it’s a little different. So, those are ways that we can help.”

On if he feels like the team is in must-win territory:

“Well, every game you go in you’re thinking it’s a must-win or whatever. I know there’s five games left and mathematically people are still alive no matter what happens, but to us, yeah. The way our record’s been, we’ve lost head-to-head against three opponents that have the same record we do, AFC things. There’s a lot of things that go into it, so clearly we recognize that this is a huge game for us. Whether mathematically it eliminates you from things, it probably doesn’t, but our urgency is the fact that we feel we need to win this game, absolutely.”

Whether they have gone away from letting Smith throw the ball as much as he did earlier in the year:

“Some of that’s probably the number of reps. Percentages, I don’t know what the percentages would be run to pass. I’m not sure. But again, I think if you had more plays, we’d probably have more opportunities to run the ball and throw. Again, is there a conscious effort of protecting the football? Absolutely, there’s a conscious effort of doing that.”

On whether they’re not sustaining drives because teams are stacking the box for the run:

“How many times did we run the ball on third-down? I’m just saying.  To me it’s like you’re trying to get some positive yards. Are we running it more than maybe earlier in the year on first down? That’s a possibility. So, again, each week you go in with a certain plan and when they don’t work, I understand the questions or whatever, but each week, it’s a new challenge and your plan may vary one week from the next.”

Whether they are not being aggressive enough on offense:

“I get it, but you have to look at who you’re playing and sometimes that affects it. I’ll take full responsibility that we haven’t been as effective. It’s on me because we’ve been running the ball too much. I got you. I’ll take it. I’m with you all the way. I don’t know if we ran too much against New Orleans when we threw it 19 times, but that’s probably the best team in football. So again, there are different ways of attacking. When it works, it makes sense. When it doesn’t, hey, we’re running too much, not running enough. I get it, no promise, my responsibility. I think we probably had more longer plays this year than we’ve had probably in two years combined. I’m not sure. We might want to look at that one. Again, are we there yet? Absolutely not. We know we have to improve in a lot of areas, but again, it comes down on me. I probably stressed it too much that we should run the ball more.”

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On if he enjoys throwing the ball down field:

“I enjoy throwing the ball, obviously as a quarterback. When you get a chance to take shots, it’s always fun, you give your guys an opportunity to make plays. I think we’ve done that in the past, maybe not as much as we did before due to some circumstances. It’s something we’re fully capable of it and we enjoy doing it. When the plays get called and when the time is right, we’ll do it.”

If he has noticed teams are stacking the box against them:

“Yeah, I noticed it, especially in the last game. They had two really good (defensive backs), I think they trusted those guys to go one-on-one out there. They definitely played the run a little more, especially with the weather conditions, (with) the winds swirling and howling. That’s something to be expected. We don’t make any excuses. If we run the ball and the box is stacked, we still have to get the yards, block and run the ball. And then if we pass the ball, we have to make plays down the field. We just have to execute better.”

On Miami’s defense:

“(They are) very tough up front, (and those are) active guys up front. (They are) big in size, quick ends, kind of like the ones we saw last weekend. On the back end, (they have) veteran guys in the secondary. (They have) very fast, run ahead linebackers. They all play together. They’re going to mix up the coverages and do a lot of things you would expect facing a rookie quarterback. It’s going to be huge for me to use my eyes, work my feet, be able to move around the pocket and buy some time. (I need to) just execute, work in the game plan within myself and pick up first downs.”

How to prepare for Miami’s defense that is second in the league in interceptions:

“(I’m) studying a ton of film. They mix up the coverages, so that allows guys to be in multiple spots and their safeties do a great job at disguising coverages as well. So, my eyes are going to be key. Seeing both safeties, seeing all the guys on the field, all 11 defenders and throwing in rhythm, throwing it on time, putting it in the right spots for my guys and allowing them to catch and run.”

On what the veterans have told Smith about the Jets-Dolphins rivalry:

“Expect it to be pretty much like all the games we’ve played. Hard fought, (it is) going to come down to a couple plays. Usually it comes down to that turnover margin, that quarterback rating, so it’s going to be key for me to come around and play well.”

Playing back at home:

“It is a comfort. We enjoy playing in front of our home fans and having home field advantage, but we’ve got to go out and play no matter what it is. We’ve done a pretty good job at home so far, but I think we’ve just got to continue to keep that up and do better on the road.”

Linebacker Calvin Pace:

On why this is a must win:

“Because we are behind the eight ball and we put ourselves there. We are stuck behind a bunch of (teams) that are 5-6 and some people have the tiebreaker over us, so we have to win the rest of them.”

The key to stopping Dolphins QB Ryan Tannehill:

“Get to him. Try and get some hits on him. Keep him in the pocket (because) he has the athleticism to get out of the pocket and don’t let him get the ball to Mike Wallace.”

On Baltimore using their backup to run the ball and if he thinks teams will use unconventional ways to run the ball against them:

“I don’t know. I think every week is different. I did not expect them to do that. It was a nice little wrinkle on their part. Teams are who they are. They are not going to take a 100 million dollar quarterback off the field for that type of thing. It will be interesting. Miami already has an athletic quarterback. It depends on who you are playing against. Whatever happens, we will just have to be ready for it.”

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