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New York Jets Quotes ~ 10/23/13

Here are some New York Jets Quotes for 10/23/13:

New York Jets logo

New York Jets logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Quarterback Geno Smith:

On the challenge he faces against Cincinnati:

“Yeah, it’s going to be another challenge for us. We have to prepare ourselves for another tough, hard fought game. We are going into a tough environment (against a team) with a good defense, (and) a really good offense. We are going to have to bring our A game.”

If last week’s win gives the team confidence going forward:

“I think it definitely helps. It helps our record. We are a confident bunch but it does help us going forward. Hopefully, we can string together some more wins and just start building momentum as the season goes along.”

On how the team can build consistency and a winning streak:

“It’s just that, just playing consistent. We’ve been kind of hot and cold, but it’s time for us to become level and play consistent. It starts with practice. We’ve been getting better every day in practice, I think the chemistry is growing. Guys are out there busting their butt so hopefully we can continue the success.”

The challenges the Cincinnati defense presents:

“They present a number of challenges. They have great guys, veteran guys in the secondary. They have a very tough linebacker corp of guys who come down and hit. It’s kind of similar to what we saw with Pittsburgh. Their d-line is one of the best out there. They are stacked at every position. It’s going to be a challenge for us but we just have to just go into the game with the right mindset and just execute the game plan.”

On his confidence:

“I just enjoy playing the game. I’m pretty confident in myself and my teammates, that’s where that comes from. I know that with this defense we always have a chance. With the offense, I think we have been moving the ball pretty well, if we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot. We just have to stay focused, stay humble and continue to work.”

On being 4-3 with an opportunity to improve:

“It’s a great opportunity for us. It’s something that we’ve worked for but now is not the time to settle. We have to continue to get better and keep climbing.”

Where he has improved the most:

“I think my biggest level of improvement has come with just my knowledge of how to manage situations, being more aware of situations and knowing when to tone it back sometime, not always being as aggressive and knowing when to be aggressive and when to take chances.”

On if he feels that he has been up and down in his development:

“No, I don’t feel that but I definitely want to continue to play consistently. That’s something I have been working extremely hard at. (I have) been beating myself over about because I know with that consistency at the quarterback (position), it usually leads to success with the team. That’s something I’m trying to do, something I pride myself in, being a consistent decision maker. That’s what I have been trying to do and it’s something that has really hit home with me as of late.”

If he feels that he needs to elevate his play:

“Yes I do.  I think everyone’s always had that mentality, to always play with a good amount of confidence and be consistent. Especially now, we have to focus in and really just lock in on what our assignments are so we can do the right things on the field and get victories.”

On how he goes about building consistency:

“As far as in practice, I’ve always had the mindset to approach every single practice rep as it was a game rep. I think that’s the best way to build that consistency, is to be consistent in practice. Then overtime it will happen in the game. “

Linebacker Calvin Pace:

On what stands out to him about the Bengals offense:

“They’ve got some good skill position guys, two good tight ends, probably one of the more complete receivers and some pretty good running backs. So, it’s going to be a challenge for us. Kind of the same as Atlanta was, just with the number of guys that can make plays. I feel good about our preparation and where we’re going to be.”

The defense starting strong but letting up later in games:

“I don’t know. It’s something that we don’t obviously go out and try to do. But it’s tough trying to play at such a high level. Teams have playmakers, too, and they get paid to play. Our job is just to be better in certain situations. I think we’ve gotten better. I wish we started a little faster sometimes. I think for the most part we’ve been able to keep our composure and do pretty decent down the stretch.”

On how good last week’s win felt and if it will be a springboard for bigger things:

“It felt good because we finished the game. We’ve had that similar game three or four times where we’ve had them and then at the end we lose it, so it was good to finally get it where we closed the game out. It was obviously a division game against the Patriots. I think it will springboard us for these next two weeks, but obviously the first game that we have is Cincinnati and they pose a serious challenge for us defensively. But again, I think we’re ready for it, just having played against teams like Atlanta who have so many weapons at the skill positions.”

Why they haven’t been able to win two in a row:

“I don’t know. It just hasn’t happened for us. But again, it’s going to be tough on both sides of the ball. They’ve got a great defense, some good names out there, as well as a good offense. It’s going to take a full effort from everybody.”

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