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New York Jets Quotes -8/13/13

Here are some New York Jets quotes for 8/13/13:

Running Back Chris Ivory:

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On how he feels about these first two days back at practice:

“I felt good. It feels good to be back.”

If he felt like he was able to pick up the offense quickly and make all of his cuts:

Yes. I still need to be out there and get a couple more reps just to get more of the feel but for the most part I felt pretty good.”

On if his hamstring is totally fine:


How he feels about the playbook:

“I’m comfortable with it.”

On how much of his game is yet to be revealed given his strengths as a power back:

“I think that’s something you’ll have to judge for yourself once you see me in live action. A lot of people try to put you in a category, I’m not just a power back, I can do everything. But you’ll just have to see when the time comes.”

If he had any concern about his hamstring going into yesterday’s practice:

“It was in the back of my mind but as I got going I just stopped thinking about it.”

On if his recovery took longer than he thought:

“Yes it did. But I’m back now so that’s behind me, but it did.”

Center Nick Mangold:

On what kinds of goals he is setting for the next preseason game:

“One, obviously, clean up the penalties, that’s first and foremost. Then, after that, build on what we started. I think we did a relatively decent job in the pass game. We need to pick up the run game a little bit more. I expect to see improvement in both those areas. ”

On Chris Ivory returning to practice:

“He seems to be running pretty well. I don’t get to see as much as I’d like other than once (the running backs) get by. It seemed that he was excited to get in there and get moving, and that’s a good thing for this offense.”

Whether the offensive line has more to prove this season:

“Yes, I think with all the quote-on-quote “battles,” that’s added to the competition. I think the competition’s made us better as a whole. You look (at the) offensive line, there are a lot of guys, a lot of depth in there that we’re trying to get figured out and I think that competition’s made us all better, not only the guys that are in the battle, but the guys next to them. It’s made me, I believe, a better player because I’ve now had to think about it in terms of something new, different ways of looking at things, different ways of communicating with a guy, and so, I think as an offense as a whole, it’s been a good thing.”

Wide Receiver Stephen Hill:

On what he is working on:

“Everything that I can work on, (and) anything that I need help on. Especially (asking) coach as much as I can to see what he saw on film the previous day and I just make sure I work on that the next day, (and) make sure that I perfect my craft.”

What he has improved on since last year:

“I feel like I’m better mentally. I’ve always had the physical tools. I just needed to make sure I understand what’s going on out there on the field and that’s definitely been a plus for me this year.”

On how going against Antonio Cromartie has helped him:

“Oh, it definitely elevates (my play) a lot. Our number one thing coming out here to Cortland and when we were in OTA’s, is competition. When you’re competing as hard as he is, he’s making you get better and making your craft get even better, so I’m definitely looking forward to taking even more reps against him.”

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