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Quick Results: NYWC ‘Trust No One’

Anthony Nese d. Shane Strickland

Francis Kip Stevens d. Dickie Rodz

DJ Hyde d Braydon Knight

Jigsaw d Brian XL Jolly Roger and David Starr

Apollyon d Alvin Alvarez

Mike Mondo d Trent Barreta

Milk Chocolate (Randy Summers and Brandon Watts) def. Matt Striker and Justin Credible and The Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds and John Silver)

Greek God Papadon d Ryan ‘The Adrenaline’ Rush

Athletic Inc’s Matt Justice and Jessie Vane def. Stockade and The Big O (Mikey Whipwreck was unable to wrestle tonight). Athletic Inc new NYWC Tag Team Champions


Lots of interesting moments and feuds happened during the night. Stay tuned as things between The Big O and Tony Nese are starting to get very intense. Everyone on the show had a chance to shine and everyone  had a great night.

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