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1495 Sports Recommended Eats: Fatburger

New York City is home to some of the best burger joints, but now that is coming into the question with the existence of Fatburger. Opening on 34th and 3rd Avenue on June 11 this very hip and relaxed chain is known for their friendly service as well as a very good and juicy burger has its origins from the West Coast.

Don’t let the name trick you as the beef is very lean. The only reason for them being named Fatburger is due to their size and the fact that they are so juicy.

Here is one confusing thing for the first time experience, as when you first enter into the restaurant is that you don’t quite know where to start. There seems to be a place where people go to find a host but in fact there is one. Instead you need to head straight to the ordering station, which at this location is in the back.

Once you get to the ordering station though everyone is very friendly. This foodie ordered just a plain cheeseburger (though you can have it built any way you want it) and enjoyed it very much.

With prices ranging from Medium, $4.49; large, $5.49, w/cheese and fried egg, +$1 each this fan has a feeling the new Fatburger in NYC will be a hot spot for foodies for quite some time, while keeping the debate on which coast has the best burger.

Here are some photos from our Fatburger experience:Burger


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