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Undertaker Returns to the WWE in Live Event in Waco, Texas

In the hottest news to hit the WWE Universe the legendary Undertaker has made his return to the ring. Now this is a very debated upon topic, because Taker hit the ring in a live event in Waco, Texas.

Now most will feel that the Phenom should have returned on live TV like say Monday Night Raw, but there are others who will say that the  numbers for the raitings will go through the roof for the Flagship brand thanks to this appearance.

Either way, it will be great to have Taker back in the company. Since it is WrestleMania time, the hot topic will be who will face the Deadman and his streak at WrestleMania and if it will finally be broken.

Many fans have been begging to see one C.M. Punk take on the Undertaker at the upcoming pay-per-view. There are others who feel that it maybe stars like Triple H or maybe even Brock Lesnar.

It will be interesting to see what direction the company will go with the future Hall of Famer and his streak. In interesting news, the short video the WWE had posted up on their YouTube page has been taken down, even though the return of Taker was supposedly confirmed by the WWE’s official Twitter and Facebook pages.

This should be interesting to see if the folks over at the WWE are wanting fans to forget this had happened or this was just a way to tease fans into his real return on Raw. As always stay tuned!

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