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1495 Sports Live Scoring Updates: Yankees fall to Tigers 6-4 in 12 inning Game One of ALCS

1495 Sports scoring summary from Game One of the American League Division Series between the New York Yankees and the Detroit Tigers.

The New York Yankees fell to the Detroit Tigers 6-4 in a 12 Inning heartbreaker for Bombers fans, as the team not only lost the game-but lost their Captain Derek Jeter in the top of the 12th inning.

Hitting the game-tying homer for the Bombers was Raul Ibanez who continues to write his place in October folklore.

Fans are encouraged to check out the scoring summary below in case if you missed out on any of the action:


Detroit Tigers:

Austin Jackson CF, Omar Infante 2B, Miguel Cabrera 3B, Prince Fielder 1B, Delmon Young DH, Jhonny Peralta SS, Andy Dirks LF, Avisail Garcia RF, Gerald Laird C,  Doug Fister P

New York Yankees:

Derek Jeter SS, Ichiro Suzuki LF, Robinson Cano 2B, Mark Teixeira 1B, Raul Ibanez DH, Alex Rodriguez 3B, Nick Swisher RF, Curtis Granderson CF, Russell Martin C, Andy Pettitte P


Hiroki Kuroda will start Game 2 tomorrow at 4pm ET on TBS. He will be opposed by Tigers RHP Anibal Sanchez.

First Inning


Jackson: Lined out to second base

Infante: grounds out

Cabrera: singles

Fielder: strikes out swinging

New York:

Jeter: walked

Suzuki: flied out to left field

Cano: flied out to left field

Teixeira: walked

Ibanez: walked

Bases loaded

Rodriguez: grounds out

Second Inning:


Young: strikes out swinging

Peralta: strikes out swinging

Dirks: grounds out to third base

New York:

Swisher: popped out to first base in foul territory

Granderson: strike out swinging

Martin: single to left field

Jeter: singled to right field

*200 career post-season hits for Jeter.

Runners on first and second

Suzuki: singled to short

Bases loaded

Cano: lines out to short

Third Inning:


Garcia: flies out to right field

Laird: single to center field

Jackson: grounds into a double play

New York:

Teixeira: singled to right field

Ibanez: popped out to shortstop

Rodriguez: grounds out into a double play

The Yankees and Tigers are scoreless after three innings of play

Fourth Inning:


Infante: grounds out to third base

Cabrera: grounds out to shortstop

Fielder: singled up the middle

Young: popped up to the catcher in foul territory

New York:

Swisher: flied out to left field

Granderson: flied out to center field

Martin: grounds out to second base

Scoreless after Four Innings of play

Fifth Inning:


Peralta: single to left field

Dirks: flied out to left field

Garcia: strikes out swinging

Laird: lined to short

New York:

Jeter: grounded out to first base

Suzuki: lined out to center field

Cano: grounds out to first base

Scoreless after Five Innings of play

Sixth Inning:


Jackson: tripled to right field

Infante: Flied out to right field (great throw by Swisher to not allow the runner to score)

Cabrera: Intentional Walk

Runners on first and third for…

Fielder: singled to center field RBI: Tigers lead 1-0

Young: singled to right field RBI: Tigers lead 2-0

Peralta: Walked

Bases loaded for…

Dirks: popped out to shortstop

Garcia: popped out

New York:

Teixeira: error by the second baseman

Ibanez: doubled to right field

Runners on second and third for….

Rodriguez: strikes out swinging

Swisher: walked

Bases loaded for…

Granderson: strikes out swinging

* Granderson now has 11 strikeouts in 21 postseason at-bats this year. Rodriguez has 10 strikeouts in 19 postseason at-bats.

Martin: strikes out swinging

This is the third bases loaded jam that Fister is able to work out of

Seventh Inning:


Laird: strike out looking

Jackson: grounds out to the shortstop

Infante: walked

Derek Lowe now pitching too…

Cabrera: strikes out on a foul tip

New York:

Jeter: strikes out swinging

Suzuki: singled to left field

Phil Coke now pitching for the Tigers…..

Cano: grounded as the catcher makes the throw out to the first baseman

Runner on first (Ichiro) advances to second base

Teixeira:  grounds out to the pitcher

The Tigers lead the Yankees 2-0 heading to the top of the Eighth Inning

Eighth Inning:


Fielder: grounds out to first base

Young: homers (1) to left field: Tigers lead the Yankees 3-0

Peralta: doubled to center field

Boone Logan now pitching for the Yankees….

Dirks: lined out to first base

Runner advanced to third base:

Garcia: singled up the middle RBI: Tigers lead the Yankees 4-0

Laird: Popped up to short to end the frame

New York:

Ibanez: grounded out to first base

Joaquin Benoit now pitching

Eric Chavez: Long fly ball to center field

Swisher: doubled to right field

Granderson: grounds out

Tigers lead the Yankees 4-0 heading to the Ninth Inning

Ninth Inning:


Cody Eppley is now pitching for the Yankees….

Jackson: doubled to left center field

Infante: strikes out swinging

Cabrera: grounds out to third base as Jackson advances to third base

Clay Rapada is now pitching for the Yankees….

Fielder: strike out swinging

New York:

Jose Valverde now pitching for the Tigers

Martin: singled to center field

Defensive Indifference as Martin takes second base

Jeter: strikes out swinging

Suzuki: homers to right field RBI (2): Yankees cut the Tigers lead to 4-2

Since becoming a New York Yankee, Ichiro has 6 HRs. They have all come at Yankee Stadium. He could hit 20 over a full season with the Yanks.

Cano: strikes out swinging

Teixeira: walked

Defensive Indifference as Teixeira goes to second base

Ibanez: homers to right field RBI (2): Ties the game between the Yankees and Tigers at 4

Octavio Dotel now pitching to…..

Chavez: strikes out swinging

10th Inning:


Rafael Soriano now pitching for the Yankees……

Young: grounds out to shortstop

Peralta: flied out to center field

Dirks: grounds out to first

New York:

* Most game-tying HR in 9th inning or later, postseason history– Raul Ibanez 2, Johnny Bench 2, Alex Rodriguez 2

* Raul Ibanez and Alex Rodriguez are the ONLY players to hit 2 game-tying HR in the 9th inning or later in a single postseason.

*Yankees have tied a postseason game with a HR in the 9th inning or later 8 times. The most any other team has done it: 2.

Swisher: flied out to right field

Granderson: walked

Pinch Runner Brett Gardner steals second base

Martin: flied out to center field

Defensive Indifference as Gardner now goes to third base

Jeter: flied out to left field

11th Inning:


David Robertson now pitching for the Yankees

Quintin Berry now batting for Detroit : grounded out to shortstop

Alex Avila now batting for the Tigers: single to right field

Jackson: strikes out swinging

Infante: flied out to center field

New York:

Now pitching for the Tigers Drew Smyly:

Suzuki: single to center field

*Ichiro has a four-hit game tonight. The last Yankee with 4 hits in a postseason game was Derek Jeter with 5 hits in ALDS Game 1 against Detroit 10/3/06

Cano: flied out to left field

Teixeira: popped up to shortstop

Ibanez: popped up to the second baseman

12th Inning:

David Phelps now pitching for the Yankees:


Cabrera: walked

Fielder: grounded out – Cabrera advances to second base

Young: doubled to right field RBI: Tigers lead the Yakees 5-4

*Delmon Young is the sixth player in Tigers history and first since Johnny Grubb in 1984 with an extra-inning go ahead RBI in the postseason

Peralta: singled

Derek Jeter landed awkwardly and has injured himself trainers take the Yankees Captain from the field of play

In for Jeter is Jayson Nix

Dirks: singled past the pitcher RBI: Tigers lead the Yankees 6-4

Berry: strike out looking

Avila: grounds to first base

Tigers lead the Yankees: 6-4

New York:

Chavez: strike out swinging

Swisher: strikes out swinging

Gardner: grounds out to second base

FINAL: Detroit Tigers def. New York Yankees: 6-4

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