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1495 Sports Live WWE Updates: Monday Night Raw 9/24/12

1495 Sports is going to be bringing live WWE Results from Monday Night Raw on 9/24/12. Included are thoughts from longtime wrestling fan Stacy Podelski.

Make sure to refresh this page to get the most up-to-date information:

WWE will have the first exclusive interview with Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, who is recovering well from his heart attack. The King will get a crack at addressing the members of the WWE Universe tonight!

C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman are in the ring. Duo will hold the Flagship brand hostage until justice is served in the controversial decision of Punk’s foot being on the rope during Cena‘s pin against the champ last week.

Heyman calls-out the referee from the bout last night to apologize to Punk. Out comes Brad Maddox to address Heyman and Punk.

Maddox admits that he made a mistake, and that he should have checked the ropes before finishing the count. Heyman demands that the referee resigned from his position, the ref was going to say something but was interrupted by Punk.

Heyman presents the ref with a blind with the WWE and NFL logo on it. Punk said that if AJ Lee were good at making decisions that she’d fire the official, out comes the Raw GM. Heyman says that he assumed that AJ was going to reverse the decision of last night’s bout.

AJ said that when you assume (well you can figure out the rest), the Raw GM stands up to Paul Heyman and C.M. Punk. Punk knows the reason why there is hostility between the two and plays the video of the GM proposing to the champ.

Punk bringing out the personal relationship between the two. Heyman tells Punk that he will handle things before proposing to the Diva. AJ slapped Heyman before leaving the ring.

Maddox in the back apologizes to AJ, the Raw GM said that she had hoped that the official will never make the same mistake again or else she will have to fire him.

Vickie Guerrero comes out to introduce Dolph Ziggler. Vickie taunts Little Jimmy before getting a soda spilled on her by Kofi. Referee throws out both R-Truth and Guerrero to make the bout one-on-one.

Ziggler def. Kofi Kingston:

Great back and forth action between these two young lions, each man’s skill set was shown. There was counter after counter, as well as various two counts.

Jim Ross addresses John Cena‘s elbow surgery. Cena will address the members of the WWE Universe later on live tonight, as the star is in the arena to give an address on the state of his future.

The Anger Management storyline between Kane and Daniel Bryan continues as Dr. Shelby now has a role playing exercise for the duo.

Fans on Twitter are going to get the chance to name this duo so make sure to stay tuned for details. Those interested in voting can do so by sending out one of these hashtags: #TeamTeamwork#TeamHellNo, or #TeamFriendship

Prime Time Players def.  Santino ad Zack Ryder:

Not much of a bout as this was just a filler, this did nothing to advance the Prime Time Players in their quest for the Tag Team Championship.

Mick Foley is on Raw! Foley calls-out C.M. Punk who comes out to responds to the scalding accusations from the legend. Punk says that Mick should be honest with the people as to why he is really here.

Foley says that he is disturbed by not only the actions of Punk, but the recent alignment with Paul Heyman. Mick says to Punk that Heyman is selfish, and that the champ needs to decide if he is going to be an inspiration or a Kool-Aid drinker.

Mick addresses his Hell in the Cell match and how he was able to gain respect in the WWE and how the other legends were able to do the same. Foley says that Punk needs to step into Hell in the Cell with John Cena to gain the respect from the fans.

Punk says that Foley and the rest of the WWE Universe are beneath him, he knows that he does not need  or want to do anything for the fans. The Champ says that he raises the bar by his reign with the WWE Championship.

Foley gives a very intense segment saying that Punk needs to become a legend and in order to do so the champ has got to step into the ring at Hell in the Cell and a moment of greatness by having the match with John Cena.

Probably one of the better segments the brand have given their fans in quite a while, and here is hoping that this great storyline between Punk and Cena continues.

Ryback def. The Miz:

The WWE allowed The Miz to hold his own against the undefeated monster, but in the end Ryback was the victor. It maybe interesting to see a rivalry between these two. It’d be great to see if the crafty Miz could ever gain a victory or if it is now time for Ryback to ascend up the ranks of the WWE ladder.

Funny segment between Daniel Bryan and Kane as Raw heads to a commercial break.

AJ Lee addresses the officials in the back about the mistakes that may happen and tries to encourage her crew. Alberto Del Rio, David Otunga and Ricardo all come in to chat with the RAW GM.

Tonight AJ is going to give the trio a chance for redemption as Sheamus, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara take on the trio.

Wade Barrett def. Tyson Kidd:

This match just helped the start of Barrett up the ranks of WWE programming, here is hoping that the company does not give this star too many jobber matches as Barrett already looks ready for the Main Event spotlight.

WWE TLC  pay-per-view will take place at the Barclays Center on  December 16, 2012.

Jerry Lawler is doing a live video interview for the fans of the WWE Universe. Lawler remembers the Bret Heart confrontation, but not the bout that he had that night. Just remembered waking up in the hospital.

Lawler says that it is unbelievable for him how everyone is reaching out to tell him to get better, it means a lot to him and he thanks everyone who did send him get well wishes.

Sheamus, Mysterio and Sin Cara def. Otunga, Del Rio and Ricardo:

Fans of tag wrestling should watch for the team of Mysterio and Sin Cara as it maybe just a matter of time before the two high-flyers earn a chance at the titles. It’d also be interesting to see the two masked wonders go at it in a feud, but that can be later on.

Kane and Daniel Bryan video segment before the fans get to see the champs in action after this commercial break. The WWE Universe has named the champs Team Heck no before Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes attack to stake their claim as potential future champions.

Eve and Beth Phoenix def. Layla and Alicia Fox:

Kaitlyn comes out and says that the Diva that injured her was a blond. Eve takes out Beth as a very tangled web is building around the Divas’ division.

Brodus Clay vs. Tensai:

Before these two could really get into things The Big Show comes out and uses the WMD on both men to stake his claim as the true dominant big man in the company.

Booker T announced that  The Big Show will take Randy Orton on SmackDown.

John Cena is in the ring and is now speaking to the WWE Universe. John Cena with my future in question I just wanted to say thank you personally. Wanted to thank the fans for the support and purchasing his Komen for the Cure gear and for the support in general.

Apologizes for a bunch of things, including C.M. Punk. Is now giving a promo about Punk and how he has turned into someone that has not yet earned respect.

Cena vows that he is going to walk into Hell in the Cell and before he could say anything else out walks C.M. Punk and Paul Heyman.

Punk to Cena, you shouldn’t be a WWE Superstar you should be a politician. There is only one C.M. Punk and you are looking at him.

Punk is not going to take on Cena at Hell in the Cell, and gives his reason. Punk to Cena, run while you can because the champ vows to hurt the resident Superman.

Cena has a lead pipe in hand, and as Punk turns around John attacks and says that he hopes to see the champ at Hell in the Cell.

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