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1495 Sports Live WWE Updates: Monday Night Raw 9/17/12

1495 Sports will be bringing live WWE updates from Monday Night Raw on 9/17/12, includes thoughts from longtime fan Stacy Podelski

Here comes Paul Heyman to C.M. Punk‘s music, Heyman enters into the ring to speak to the WWE Universe. Felt like the fans, was a part of history in Punk’s victory over John Cena.

Heyman ask the referee from last night to come out and clarify his decision to the fans. Chad Patton comes to the ring. Heyman gives a still shot of what happened at the pay-per-view and what happened with the draw between the two rivals at the Night of Champions.

Paul says that there is fan footage of the decision of the draw being a correct one. Heyman says that Punk is worthy of respect, but still not getting it with the members of the WWE Universe booing. Out comes John Cena to interrupt things.

Cena agrees with Heyman in that there was in fact a draw at Night of Champions. Cena said last night was a match of WrestleMania proportions and that the people want to see a clear winner.

John talks about respect and how it is earned in the WWE, asks Heyman for a rematch against C.M. Punk for tonight.

Alberto Del Rio comes out and says that Cena should stop crying, he had his chance. Del Rio never had his chance, not fully prepared, says that he should get a rematch.

A.J. Lee comes out to announce a mega Main Event as Alberto Del Rio will team with C.M. Punk to take on John Cena and Sheamus.

Cole is wearing a Jerry Lawler shirt, it was announced that Jerry is safe at home and progressing well. The staff at 1495 Sports are all very glad that ‘The King’ is doing well.

JBL and JR are back in the play-by-play booth

Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara def. Primo and Epico:

Sin Cara and Mysterio earn the victory and look to be a legit tag team for a while. Just lots of high flying action great bout.

The Prime Time players come into the ring and ruin the celebration. Great heel promo to give the duo the push needed for the tag titles now held by Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Eve def. Beth Phoenix:

Eve has been on a major roll as of late, it should be interesting to see how things boil down to see what happens with the reign of the Diva within the ladies division

Brodus Clay def. Heath Slater:

There is no surprise to see Clay gain the victory as Slater has been jobbing for a while now. It’d be nice to see Clay in some quality matches and feuds that’d progress the star to a higher playing field.

Miz TV set to make its debut on Raw after the commercial break

The Awesome One debut’s his show by interviewing SmackDown General Manager Booker T, asking why the GM has it out for him and why he reinstated the Brogue Kick.

Miz says that Booker misses the spotlight, Booker grabs the microphone and calls out Ryback to take on the Awesome One.

Ryback about to hit the ring rushes The Miz out. The monster destroys Miz TV and a future potential feud may begin in the WWE-stay tuned.

Punk and Paul Heyman in the back conferencing with each other as Josh Matthews ask if Punk is excited about teaming with Alberto Del Rio

Punk says that he is not excited, just another example of the rampant disrespect that is displayed by the WWE

Dolph Ziggler def. Santino Marella :

This match did not do much for Ziggler in terms of helping the Show-Off.

Wade Barrett def. Justin Gabriel:

Match to only give Barrett positive progress in his rise up the ladder in the WWE

Cheap plug for Subway sandwiches

John Cena and Sheamus in the back, Cena says that tonight the duo need to make a statements tonight

Kane and Daniel Bryan def. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth:

Finally after what seems like forever the WWE gives a match with some meat to it. Told a good story, yes you knew who was going to win, but there was action things went back and forth and everyone was allowed to shine for a little.

WWE shows a video segment to promote the work with the Be a Star anti-bullying program

Randy Orton def. Tensai:

These last two matches were more of what a fan were hoping for after a great PPV. Told a great story, good action and allowed each person in the ring to shine before a winner was crowned.

Punk and Paul Heyman in the back again this time is interrupted by David Otunga and Alberto Del Rio. Two representatives speak in building a potential feud for the two down the road.

Damien Sandow comes to the ring and cuts a heel promo. Zack Ryder comes out and says that there will be a match between the two young lions next.

Damien Sandow def. Zack Ryder:

Things continue to progress in the positive bouts department. Thus far this hour has been more action packed.

John Cena & Sheamus def. C.M. Punk & Alberto Del Rio:

Cena hit the AA and pinned Punk for the 1-2-3, during the count the WWE Champion had his foot on the rope. The decision of the victory stands.

Raw ends with Punk screaming at the official that his foot was on the ropes as a cloud continues to hover over the feud  between Punk and Cena.

That is a wrap for us here at 1495 Sports, thanks for checking in and as always stay tuned!

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