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Second Half is one to forget thus far for Yanks and Mets fans

Thus far the second half of the MLB season for both the New York Mets and Yankees has been one to forget. It is not too often that fans of both teams are singing the blues, but this year that is indeed the case.

For the men in pinstripes, who once held a comfortable lead in the American League East have now watched their lead shrink. Young hungry teams like the Baltimore Orioles and the Tampa Bay Rays have caught up to the Bombers; and this most recent stretch may cost the team from the Bronx the crown.

As for the Mets there is a very disturbing trend happening, as the guys wearing the orange and blue go from hot to not in the second half of the season.

If you are a fan of either team it is a head scratcher for sure, what is it about the second half that haunts these two teams.

There has been one trend seen in MLB in these past few years, and that is that you do not need the biggest payroll to have a successful season. One of the surprise teams of 2012 the Washington Nationals have mostly relied on their kids and smart free agent signings to lead them to a very comfy lead in the National League East.

The Mets have begun that process, but not because they wish to follow a trend. For whatever reason, this team that was once red-hot is now ice cold continuing a heart aching tradition that started towards the end of Shea Stadium.

All the guys in orange and blue need are one spark, that one moment to get this most current team reignited.

As for the Yankees, they still have an extremely dangerous line-up and the experience that will propel them into the 2012 playoffs. Many fans probably prefer to go in as American League East Champions, but the Bombers may have to do it the hard way via the Wild Card.

There is still a bit of baseball left to be played for both teams, and the fate for either team can be changed in one magical moment. It is now time for the teams from the Big Apple to show what they are made of and who the kings of baseball truly are.

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