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Cornerback Darrelle Revis had suffered a concussion in the season opener against Buffalo has been cleared to resume physical activity.

Head Coach Rex Ryan had this to say on the injury:

“Darrelle Revis’ status remains the same. He has been cleared to resume physical activity. If there are any updates during the day, I’ll have Bruce (Speight) pass them along to you. We’ll see how Darrelle is. We’re going to proceed with the same thing we’ve talked about, the NFL protocol. We’ll do that. If he’s not 100 percent, then Darrelle won’t play. It’s as simple as that.”

Revis had this to say on how he is feeling:

“I feel a little bit better. I’m just taking it one day at a time. I think that’s (the trainers’) approach, and go from there.”

On what symptoms he was experiencing with his concussion:

I don’t know. I mean it was just in the fog, being in the fog. I’ve never had a concussion. This is something that you have to get guidance from the training staff and the doctors.”

On the extent of his physical activity this week:

“I just do the normal procedures they’ve been asking me to do. Run, lift, all of the scenarios that pertain to football. I’ve been in meetings and everything, but there are other things that are not football related. I’m just trying to do the best I can to get back out there on the field.”

Coach Ryan had this to say on the challenges caused by a no-huddle offense:

“I think with no-huddle you have to be conditioned and have good communication. It’s not as bad as it used to be. Back in the day, you used to signal and guys could steal your signal and all that stuff. You lose that advantage, but with the mic now, it’s a little bit easier to handle it. It’s still difficult from a conditioning standpoint, especially early in the season, and if it’s hot. Actually, no-huddle is much easier to run at home, obviously. From a defensive standpoint, the communication is tougher at home, than it is on the road. The fans are really into it when their defense is up; it’s as loud as can be.  When you play at home, it’s harder for us sometimes. It’s also harder to get your cadence and all that other stuff as an offense. On the road, generally you can communicate. That’s generally not the issue, but it’s a stamina thing. It’s sometimes hard to substitute. I think that’s an advantage to a no-huddle as well.”

On comments from offensive line that it needed to improve on its performance against Buffalo:

“No, I think you’d have to ask them.  I don’t know what we averaged; maybe three yards, 3.5 yards a carry, something like that.  But our rushing attempts, I liked our rushing attempts.  I thought Shonn (Greene); he got better as the game wore on.  The thing we were disappointed in is, Shonn hardly ever fumbles, and he fumbled twice.  I think that’s uncharacteristic of Shonn, so clearly we have to take care of that.  This week it will be hard to run against this bunch, we all know that.  For years and years, this team is about as hard as it gets to run the football against. It’s going to be a huge challenge this week.”

Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano had this to say on what can be improved on going forward:

“There’s a ton of things on film when you look at it to improve on. That’s something that I’ve said over and over again here when we thought that there were a lot of things for us not to be positive about. In other words, in the preseason the glass was half empty, I guess. At that point I kept saying, you’re watching the film, and you’re seeing positive things. When I watch the film, I watch the film differently than probably when you watch the game or anybody else watches the game. I think when I watched film this week, obviously there were good things done in the game and there were some things we have to get better at.”

On if Stephen Hill’s has changed how he goes about things:

“It’s a new challenge. Every week in this league there’s another challenge.  This team we play this weekend is only one of the top teams in our league on defense last year and for the last several years. They’re tops in several categories on that side of the ball. It’s just a new challenge every week. For a new player like Stephen, he doesn’t know any of these players, whereas a guy like Santonio (Holmes) (has) played against some of these players before. Stephen doesn’t know any of these players so he has to rely on some of the veteran players in the room that have. He has to approach every single game as if it’s another challenge that is going to be greater this week because he’s put something out there on tape. I always tell these guys, you’ve got to cosign your work. When you put it out there and you put it up there on film, for everybody to see, that becomes a study. It’s no different than their players. We take their players on film and get a chance to study them and say, “Hey this is what they did.” We’re trying to work on some things there to help ourselves and I think Stephen can help himself in a lot of ways that way too. He certainly can get better, but we’re happy with what he did.”

On if he has any satisfaction with the score from Sunday:

“Honestly, where the satisfaction comes in is that you’re just really happy for the players. You’re happy for the coaches. You’re happy for our fans and all those people that are out there, that were waiting to see (us play). I think any time you can have a little bit of success, you feel that it validates some of the things that you’ve been though. When you’re hitting the sled out there in Cortland at eight in the morning and you’re doing all of the things that you’re doing, it’s nice to see some results. I think our kids, and I’ve said this before, they’re a pretty confident bunch of kids. At the same time, they have seen the progress on the tape. It was good for it to come together the way it did and we have a long way to go. We can get a lot better. I’m not just saying that. We have a heck of a challenge on our hands this week, with this defense that we’re playing and the place that we’re going to play.”

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