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1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from the New York Jets for 9/3/12.

Head Coach Rex Ryan had these opening statements:

“Alright, here we go. Finally, regular season, game week. I know it’s a bonus day, but it feels good. I think we got a lot accomplished in training camp. The preseason games obviously didn’t go the way that we would have liked on the scoreboard, but I think we’ll be ready to roll. It’s just exciting to get ready to play somebody and to game-plan specifically about a specific opponent. I’m excited to see that. I think we’re all excited to see some Wildcat plays and things. (smiling) Again, just playing against (another opponent). It just picks up, the difference between a preseason game and a regular season game is (like) wow, it just goes up a notch. I’m just excited to see our guys and see our guys compete.”

On playing a game that matters:

“Well, I think they all matter. With that being said, all games matter but for (games that count) , yeah, wins and losses absolutely because nobody counts your wins and losses on your preseason record and (they don’t) help you get to the playoffs. I think those games are always important but yeah, it’s been a long time, it’s no doubt.”

On not running the Wildcat in the preseason:

“We never ran it. I guess we never appeased whoever by not putting him out there. If that added to it, that wasn’t our intent. Our intent was there’s no sense showing it right now in the preseason, just like I’m sure a lot of teams are saving specific things for their openers. We’re not different than a lot of teams doing that.”

DL Damon Harrison had these thoughts on making the team:

“It feels amazing.  I’m just happy to know that hard work does pay off.  (I) just have to keep working hard so I can remain here.”

On being a part of the defensive line for the Jets:

“I mean, it’s great.  I’m just learning from everybody, from Sione Po’uha all the way down to Quinton Coples, the rookie, everybody.  I’m a guy that came from a small school so I need all the help and teaching and coaching I can get so everybody’s been amazing.”

On when he realized he could make the roster:

“I didn’t.  Like I said,  I always just told myself everyday when I came into the locker room, ‘You’re gonna get cut today.’  It’s just something that I use for myself just to get by, just to keep myself working hard.  I know I can play football.  On the defensive line, it’s a great group of guys. When I first got here, I was like, ‘My agent said this would be a good place for me?’ (laughter) I called him and was like, ‘What were you thinking?’ (laughter) So, (I’m) just working hard and working with those guys.  I’m just blessed to be in this situation.”

NT Sione Po’uha had these thoughts on if he will be ready for Buffalo:

“I’m ready to go. My job is to make sure that I’m well and ready to play. All I’ve been doing is getting ready to go and I feel great.”

On game-planning for the opener:

“For veterans, you kind of go back to how you’ve been studying for previous years. It’s kind of tricky the first game because you don’t have as much footage. What you’re trying to do is just gain as much information as you can from preseason for what it’s worth and feed from the season before. You look at the tendencies that they might have over the years. You just gather all that up. Being the first game, it gets kind of tricky because you don’t have that much film from previous weeks to study, so you do all you can to gather the information, and then you transfer it on to the practice field.”

WR Stephen Hill had these thoughts on how practice is different from last week:

“It was definitely different. We’re definitely doing a lot of game planning, working on technique. We’re doing the little things.”

On criticism during the preseason about not being able to score:

“It was kind of strange. Like you just said, it is preseason. The games start this weekend, and we’re looking to put on a show.”

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