Updated information on FWE Back 2 Brooklyn

Fans of Family Wrestling Entertainment have been gobbling up tickets to the upcoming show ‘Back 2 Brooklyn,’ which is just around the corner on October 5th.

FWE returns home on October 5th with their upcoming Back 2 Brooklyn show. Fans of professional wrestling should check out what is going to be an amazing card on that night!

1495 Sports wanted to bring this updated information for fans about Back 2 Brooklyn:

Colt Cabana is set to take on ‘The ProdigyMike Bennett in singles competition that night. Cabana has an undefeated streak over Bennett, who has shown to do what he wants when he wants it with his time in the company. Can Colt continue on the positive roll that he has, or will The Prodigy finally get that elusive victory?

Also Chris Mordetzky fka as Chris Masters has issued the Masterlock challenge to the FWE roster? Who will answer the call to take on this tough challenge and say that they were able to unlock the submission move.

Aside from doing commentary at FWE Back 2 Brooklyn Maryse will also be on hand for autographs and photo opportunities!

For those unable to attend the show in person FWE Back 2 Brooklyn is going to be available on iPPV. This is the first time that FWE will make an appearance on the web for $14.99 and fans can expect a great show to order that night!

There are still a very limited number of tickets left so for those interested make sure to check out FWE’s website by clicking here:


For those wanting to check it out on iPPV can do so by clicking on the link below:


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2 comments on “Updated information on FWE Back 2 Brooklyn

  1. […] Updated information on FWE Back 2 Brooklyn (1495sports.com) […]

  2. […] Updated information on FWE Back 2 Brooklyn (1495sports.com) […]

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