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1495 Sports: Live Monday Night Raw results 8/27/12

English: CM Punk WWE Championship MITB in Chicag

English: CM Punk WWE Championship MITB in Chicag (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Fans of the WWE are encouraged to stay tuned to this page, as 1495 Sports will bring the resrfor Monday Night Raw on 8/27/12.

Will Triple H retire, or try to gain his revenge against Brock Lesnar? Here is the completed results for all fans to check out!

The WWE recapped how the CM Punk/John Cena bout at Night of Champions PPV is starting to take place…as the company begins the ground work of the battle for these two at the upcoming pay-per-view

Jerry Lawler demands an apology from the Champ, who proceeds to head to the ring.

Punk tells The King that he will take down anyone who disrespects him. Punk calls out Jerry saying how he is sorry for the man that the HOFer has become. Issued a challenge to take on The King later on tonight.

Lawler responds that he will think about the challenge. Stay tuned for this one!

Ryback Def. Jack Swagger : Swagger put up a good fight, but Ryback is on a major roll. It’d be nice to have a good feud for the monster, but the WWE needs to build Ryback up more.

Cena is slated to take on The Mix later on. Stay Tuned!

Vickie Guerrero comes out to interrupt the bout to say that she has an important announcement, as she needs for the two Divas to hurry up in this bout.

Layla def. Natalya: In a very quick bout between the two ladies. Finally after waiting i impatiently Vickie makes her announcement

Guerrero calls out Raw GM A.J. Lee, saying that the young lady abuses her power for putting Dolph Ziggler‘s MITB briefcase against Chris Jericho’s career.

Vickie demands control of the Flagship brand and says to take it away from the ‘mentally deranged child’ in AJ Lee

AJ comes skipping to the ring and starts to beat down on The Cougar to show Vickie who the lady in charge of Monday Night Raw truly is.

Recap of Triple H’s career in case if the King of Kings does in fact retire tonight.

Daniel Bryan has to now attend Anger Management classes. Someone stages a young man in a goat face to enter into a room, just to anger the young lion. Turns out that the young man in the goat mask was the psychologist son, who is playing a part in a school play to embarrassed Bryan.

Punk sends out a tweet saying that if Lawler decides to accept the challenge of taking on the Champ that The King can have first punch. Jerry proceeds to give fans a history lesson of those people that he had the chance to gain victories over.

Lawler says that he is not the best in the world, well neither is Punk. Jerry has never backed down from a fight and tonight is no exception proceeds to accept the challenge that Punk laid out early on this evening.

John Cena def. The Miz: In a spirited bout between the two lions, there is no way that Cena was going to lose tonight. John is going to challenge Punk for the WWE Championship at Night of Champions, and there is no way that the company will have Cena drop a bout.

It was announced that the fans on Twitter can vote for the bout that they want between Lawler and Punk, as the three choices were a Tables bout, a steel cage match and a No DQ stipulation. Make sure to stay tuned for this one.

The company had a cheap plug for the newest DVD on the 50 Greatest Finishing Moves of all time for those interested is now in stores and online to check out.

Later on Sheamus and Randy Orton takes on Dolph Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio.

Bryan’s anger management classes continues, turns out that Kane is also attending these courses

Santino Marella def. Heath Slater: Got to love the members of the WWE Universe calling this match exactly what is is-boring. Santino pulls out the Cobra, but is interrupted by Aksana. Somehow the Cobra struck for Santino to pick-up the victory.

Brodus Clay and Sin Cara def. Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes: Rhodes is on a quest to take on Sin Cara’s mask. This concept is unoriginal and does nothing to help propel Rhodes to the next level. Not much of a bout as Clay and Sin Cara combine to pick-up the victory over the heels.

Anger management classes continues as Kane shares his feelings with the group. Just a lighter segment to make the fans chuckle.

After the commercial break Daniel Bryan will take on R-Truth.

Bryan vs. R-Truth: Truth wisely makes Bryan snap, makes the young lion start to scream No, No, No to the members of the WWE Universe for the disqualification.

Bryan snaps proceeding to storm around the ring yelling, No-No-No as the storyline of Anger Management continues

All night the company is teasing an announcement by Triple H, make sure to stay tuned for this one.

According to Michael Cole, the King of Kings will be out to address the fans after the commercial break.

Hunter does in fact come ou to chat with the fans about his future. Members of the WWE Universe showering the COO with Triple H cheers before the announcement. Hunter says that he wanted to retire before the business retired him, he is at a crossroad and you got to ask yourself is it time?

Hunter says that he is tired, beat-up and broken and does not know if he is finished. He just wants to be the Game, the King of King, etc. Is unsure if he can still play the role of Triple H anymore. Again the WWE Universe is spunky saying to Hunter that he can in fact do it and tries to encourage the great to continue.

Instead Hunter continues his speech to thank the fans, says that the people got him through everything that he has been through and thanks everyone from the bottom of his heart.

Says that he hopes fans will never forget him for what he did, and receives a standing ovation before he leaves. Chants of thank you Hunter emanate as the COO celebrates with the people before leaving. Didn’t really answer anything, just allows The Game the break he needs before returning for WrestleMania 29.

Dolph Ziggler comes out at first to Chris Jericho’s music to fool the fans, great heel promo by Ziggler.

Randy Orton and Sheamus def. Ziggler and Alberto Del Rio:

This fan personally feels that the WWE messed up big time, by allowing Sheamus and Del Rio being the two to compete for the World Heavyweight Championship. Things were set up beautifully last week on SmackDown as Orton could have won the number one contenders spot, and the company could have had Ziggler come in and cash in his title.

Instead the WWE is going to continue with a feud that fans are not really buying into, here is hoping that something changes soon so that the fans can have a great feud for the coveted strap on the Blue Brand soon.

In what was a very spirited bout between the four stars, Sheamus and Orton made for a good tag team picking-up the victory over the heels.

Booker T announced through his twitter page that Randy Orton and Dolph Ziggler will be in the Main Event on SmackDown.

Zack Ryder def. David Otunga: Wasn’t much of a bout. Kane was at the play-by-play table and came in to chokeslam Otunga

Punk/Lawler will be in a Steel Cage tonight and A.J. Lee comes out to announce that Night of Champions will be in fact Punk vs. Cena

Punk def. Lawler in a Steel Cage bout: Punk is able to pick-up the victory via the anaconda vice. The crowd seemed stunned for most of the bout not really reacting to this bout.

Punk decides to lock himself in the cage with Lawler, putting the HOFer in a headlock and forcing the legend to say that he is the Best in the World. The Champ continues to demand respect, as John Cena comes out to rescue the announcer.

Cena demands that the cage is raised, while the beating inside continues. Finally the cage is lifted as Punk walks out on the incoming Cena. Raw ends with John looking over Jerry as the heel turn for one C.M. Punk continues.

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