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1495 Sports: Impact Wrestling Results 8/16/12

1495 Sports brings these Impact Wrestling results from 8/16/12 includes thoughts from lifelong wrestling fan Stacy Podelski:

Impact Wrestling

Impact Wrestling (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Samoa Joe def. Magnus: (61 total points in the Bound for Glory Series): Joe def. Magnus via a small package, and afterward the young lion snaps by beating Joe with a chair. Bout was a tad short as these two stars could have gone further on with more moves, but overall it was a very good match.

Madison Rayne comes to the ring with the Knockouts Champion to encounter Brooke Hogan, before the meeting first cue up a heel promo by the ‘Queen Bee.’ Rayne calls out Earl Hebner who helped the Knockout regain her strap, the referee comes in before being interrupted by Brooke Hogan. Hogan tells Hebner that the official is no longer allowed to be a part of women’s matches in Impact Wrestling, and also announces the rematch with Miss Tessmacher and a special referee for the bout.

Rayne is upset with Brooke calling out the exec saying that the daughter of the wrestling icon is all talk, but Brook proves otherwise by rushing to the ring. As Brooke rushes into the ring, she finds the heel group Aces and Eights standing behind her, before the thugs could attack the Impact Wrestling roster comes storming out to counter the attack.

Sting has the microphone and tells Aces and Eights that their character are down in the pits. The Interim GM calls Aces and Eights out for next week for Open Fight Night as the Icon, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy and Austin Aries will take on the bullies.

Kaz and Christopher Daniels in the back talking about the Baby Daddy situation and A.J. Styles, who makes the stipulation that if his former friend in Daniels is able to get the victory then Styles will admit to being the father of  Claire Lynch’s baby. If A.J. is able to get the victory, he will take a paternity test to prove he is not the father.

A.J. Styles def. Daniels: (43 total points in the BFG series) Referee notices heel antics by Kaz and reverses the decision that Daniels was able to pick-up the victory. Styles hits the Pele to gain the victory over his former best friend.

Jeff Hardy encounters James Storm in the back and accuses the Cowboy of being the leader of Aces and Eights

Sting in the back and gets a phone call from Hulk Hogan, who says he will return next week to help the Icon and his group of young lions in their encounter with Aces and Eights.

Recap from Hardcore Justice as Austin Aries was able to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. Out comes Bobby Roode, as the heel no longer has an opportunity at the strap as long as Aries holds the coveted title.

Roode grabs a microphone and says that he defeated Aries, states that he should in fact be the champion. Very simple yet intense promo. Says that the fans do not understand what the championship meant to him, it was his life. Says there is only one person to blame for all of this and that is Austin Aries, proceeds to add on Sting, the referees and the fans.

Now the heel is faced with the question, ‘Now what’ hesitates before he tells the fans what he is going to do next. Drops the microphone before walking out of the ring.

After the commercial break Tessmacher will take on Madison Rayne

Tessmacher def. Rayne: (with special guest referee  Taryn Terrell of ECW fame): Tessmacher regains the Knockouts Championship as Terrell stood up to Rayne, now allowing the Queen Bee to use heel antics to pick-up the victory.

Aces and Eights accepts the invitation for next week to take on Sting and his crew of young lions

Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy: James Storm comes out to watch over the bout and make sure that the heel group does not attack these two stars, but stay tuned to see what happens next

The match was midway through before Aces and Eights came in, before the heel group can strike Austin Aries and Kurt Angle run the thugs out of the ring.

Hardy def. Ray with a roll-up: Storm stands outside just watching over everything that happens. The Bully continues to call out the Cowboy as the leader of the heel group. Storm pulls out the Last Call finisher on Ray, but instead hits Hardy-Aces and Eights in the back looking like they are going to unite with their leader…..but instead they attack the Cowboy

Impact ends with Aces and Eights beating down on Storm and a cliffhanger for all fans of the brand. Make sure to stay tuned next week as the thugs will finally have to wrestle in a fair match against Sting, Aries, Hardy and Angle.


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