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1495 Sports Jets GM Quotes

1495 Sports brings these quotes from New York Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum from Thursday. The GM chatted on a number of topics including offensive tackle Jeff Otah returning to the Carolina Panthers, on the Darelle Reviscontract and more can be seen below.

Mike Tannenbaum. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

On Jeff Otah:

“Jeff didn’t fulfill the terms of the trade so he is en route back to Carolina.  He will remain with the Panthers.”

On the next step:

“We will keep looking for opportunities to improve the team as they may or may not come along and we will go from there.”

On if he had an opportunity to extend the trade deadline:

“I am not going to go into conversations I may have had with Carolina.  Today was the deadline and the terms of the trade weren’t met and he is now going back to Carolina.”

On why he thought Otah would pass his physical:

“Here is one thing, Jeff gave us a really good week.  He worked hard. He was a really nice guy.  Beyond that, he is a member of the Panthers now so that is all I can really say to that.  He did everything we asked for the past week and the terms of the trade were not met so he is going back to Carolina.”

On why there was a seven-day period for Otah to pass his physical:

“The way it works is when you have trade papers, that’s a contract between Team A and Team B and you can negotiate whatever you would like.  We have had those situations in the past, granted not all the time, so that was kind of the dynamic of this trade that we were able to get and the period that we got and then those terms were not met so he is going back to Carolina.  Sometimes you can get longer periods, sometimes you can’t.”

On if he is comfortable with Wayne Hunter as the starting tackle:

“He has done well.  Again, we have other guys that are on the team that are competing.  Austin Howard, I think, has had a couple of good days.  You know we are always going to look to improve the team.  If we are having this conversation a month from now, there will be players on our team who won’t be here regardless of maybe being on the streets or with another team.”

On why he thought seven days would be enough time for Otah to pass his physical:

“Again, we had seven days, so we took seven days.  We believe in our staff.  Jeff worked really hard and the terms weren’t met. Our feeling was if we had seven days, let’s take them all and see where it goes.”

On why he did not pass his physical:

“Again, the terms of the trade weren’t met so he is a Carolina Panther as of now.”

On the progress of camp:

“I thought our guys came in in-shape. Obviously, a few guys we had to put on the PUP but, by and large, I think our offense has been very competitive, which I think they’ve answered the challenge for the most part against our defense. Not every period, but it’s been competitive, which we thought and I think Tony (Sparano) has brought a toughness and I think that’s transcended really the whole team in terms of the competitiveness of practice. I think Bart Scott in particular has done well as well has Aaron Maybin.  I think there are a few guys that are ready to distinguish themselves. You know, we meet every night and evaluate the roster and I’m really happy with the direction we’re going.”

On Darrelle Revis:

“I’m glad he’s here. I had a good conversation with Darrelle (Revis) when I saw him in the cold tub a couple days before we got up here and then I watched him on the conditioning test. He was in great shape, just watching him. From a General Manager’s standpoint, I’m glad we drafted him and I’m glad he’s on the team. Those are the type of guys you want in your program.”

 On Revis’ contract:

“Yeah, anything that relates to his contract we’re just not going to address but like I said I’m really glad he’s here. He’s been a great team member and just watching him in the conditioning run this year I know he’s ready to play at another high level, which is all that he’s done since he’s been here so I’m really glad that he’s here and excited that he’ll be a part of the season.”

 On Sanchez’s performance in camp:

“It’s been kind of a carryover from the spring. He has done well. There have been a couple of balls I know he wishes he could have back. By and large, it’s been a good camp (for him). Just watching Mark in the off-season, he has grown up just as a person. He’s still the fun-loving guy. I’ve still seen him do some things that young people will do. (laughter) He’s been great. His preparation, his work ethic, he has done well and I think he’s going to have a really good year.”

On if it’s a make or break season for him as GM:

“I think every year is an important year. This is just the next year. If we don’t win the Super Bowl, then we don’t reach all of our goals from the last year. Our job is to put a good team on the field year-in and year-out. I’m confident about this team. I’m excited about this coaching staff and I think we’re going to have a good year.”

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