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1495 Sports live WWE Results from Monday Night Raw 7/16/12

For fans of the WWE make sure to refresh this page for the completed results from the Monday Night Raw episode from 7/16/12 and thoughts from longtime professional wrestling fan and 1495 Sports Coordinator Stacy Podelski.

C.M. Punk starts the show, the Champ will take on The Big Show in the Main Event later on tonight! WWE showing love for the Straight Edge Savior. Reflects on how it is the one year anniversary of the Pipe Bomb heard round the world. Punk plans on being on the stage and proud to be champ next week as The Big Show interrupts the promo.

According to Big Show-John Cena was in the right place at the right time, said that he’d be beating C.M. Punk up for the WWE Championship tonight if he had the Money In the Bank briefcase. Punk counters to say that Big Show has continued to do what he has throughout his career, which is destroy everyone and lose.

Punk says he has the fans respect but Big Show counters that, says that the WWE only revolves around one man and that Punk is just another cog in the machine.

Show makes the point that John Cena has the MITB briefcase and if Show does knock Punk out, that Cena may cash in tonight-stay tuned!

Kofi Kingston and R-Truth to defend their tag titles next!

Kingston/R-Truth def. Prime Time Players (Titus O’Neil and Darren Young): In what was a better start to Raw vs. last week the company did a good job of allowing both teams to shine. Kingston and Truth pick-up the victory to retain their titles-stay tuned to see how this rivalry evolves.

AJ and Daniel Bryan in the back as Eve interrupts the duo. Eve to chose her tag partner in a bout against Bryan and AJ later on tonight.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Zack Ryder : Del Rio uses the cross-arm breaker to get the submission victory, tried a heal beat down before Rey Mysterio makes his return to the company. Feud between Rey and Del Rio has been reignited.

After the commercial break the return of another WWE legend to take on Heath Slater

For those fans in the Metropolitan Area, the RAW Super Show to returns to Izod Center October 22nd

Rikishi def. Heath Slater: Nice fluffy moment as the legend picks up the victory and is able to celebrate with his sons, also known as The Usos.

Eve/The Miz to take on Daniel Bryan/AJ: Here is hoping that the WWE fans can see a rivalry between The Miz and Daniel Bryan-great feud that the company needs to book.

Bryan and AJ pick-up the win. The Miz tried to get the distraction, but it backfired on the Awesome One, as Daniel reversed the small package Eve had on AJ.

Daniel Bryan says that he loves AJ and proposes to the Diva, AJ accepts as the two are now officially engaged. The segment ends with the two yelling Yes, Yes, Yes along with the rest of the WWE Universe.

For those Undertaker fans, the WWE has a four disc DVD set of the Deadman’s WrestleMania streak available in stores everywhere.

According to Daniel Bryan’s twitter page @WWEDanielBryan, he and AJ are to be wed as Monday Night Raw celebrates its 1,000th episode next week!

Ryback vs. Jack Swagger: The WWE Universe has Ryback’s gimmick pegged as the fans of Las Vegas chant Goldberg during the bout. The bout did not even start. Ryback just showed off his strength by beating down Swagger, who has been on a major losing streak as of late.

Vickie Guerrero introduces Dolph Ziggler World Heavyweight Championship MITB briefcase holder. Ziggler vows to be better than The Hitman, Stone Cold and the Rock. Chris Jericho comes out to interrupt the promo.

Y2J and Ziggler interact as the young lion says not tonight Chris as it is my time and my night. Ziggler to Y2J apparently what you do is lose, Y2J has everyone fooled all hype and no results Y2J hits the Codebreaker on Ziggler and let the rivalry hopefully begin. Stay tuned for this one folks, as the two stars can easily put on a five-star bout that will have fans buzzing for a while.

Raw makes the announcement of the AJ/Daniel Bryan wedding official, while also unveiling the stars to appear on the 1,000 episode of the Flagship brand.

Christian to defend the Intercontinental Championship next week, with the opponent TBD. Prediction of the night is that it’ll be Cody Rhodes to challenge Captain Charisma for his strap.

Brodus Clay def. JTG: In a jobber match, thus far Raw has had some highs and lows matches wise.

Punk vs. The Big Show: Thus far Big Show has had complete command of this bout against the Champ. Punk is starting to gain the offensive momentum, but Show counters.

Punk once again regains momentum with some ‘vintage’ moves. The Champ is able to hit the Macho Elbow and a pin, but Show kicks-out at two.

Show DQ’s himself and begins to beat down Punk, cue John Cena’s music as the Raw MITB ladder match winner challenges Punk at the 1,000 episode of Monday Night Raw.

Next week will be a star studded night for the WWE and hopefully fans will tune in, as the company is only beginning to build steam towards SummerSlam!

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