1495 Sports live WWE final results from Monday Night Raw on 7/9/12

1495 Sports is proud to bring these final results from  WWE  Monday Night Raw on 7/9/12 and one fan’s opinion of the show:

English: John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion

English: John Cena as World Heavyweight Champion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Starting off with a recap of the C.M. Punk, Daniel Bryan and A.J. storyline

AJ comes skipping to the ring, speaks about being the special guest referee at the Money In the Bank pay-per-view and introduces reigning champ Punk, who comes into the ring.

AJ claims that C.M. Punk is the first to show compassion and concern for her-ever. According to the ‘Geek goddess’, C.M. Punk turns her on and now she knows what she has to do. The crazy diva just asked the Straight Edge star to marry her.

Daniel Bryan comes out and stops the insanity, saying that Punk does not love her but instead is playing her. Says that Punk only cares about one person-himself.  Bryan just proposed to AJ in turning around the tables.

The Anonymous Raw GM has returned as Michael Cole who announces a mixed tag bout Punk/AJ face Eve and Daniel Bryan for tonight ‬Before the segment ends AJ  predicts she will walk out tonight with her future husband

Main Event for tonight will be John Cena and Kane taking on Big Show and Chris Jericho

Sheamus def. Jack Swagger who has been on a major losing streak as of late, sadly most wrestling fans saw this from a mile away. Before Sheamus could finish celebrating Alberto Del Rio gives a video heel promo.

Santino chatting with Zack Ryder, Santino vows to find out who Anonymous Raw GM.

It was announced that The Rock is going to return to Raw for episode 1,000

Dolph Ziggler/Tensai vs. Tyson Kidd/Christian: No intro to this bout just destruction by Tensai over Tyson Kidd

WrestleMania rematch Jerry Lawler vs. Michael Cole possibly to happen-that is up to the WWE Universe who is voting on WWE.com as the rest of the matches are about to happen.

Brodus Clay def. Drew McIntyre: In what has to be the 50th jobber bout.

Jericho speaks to the Big Show trying to work out a plan for victory.

John Cena/Kane vs.Big Show and Jericho happening now, prior to the action Cena vows to win the MITB PPV. This fan is guessing this prediction will come true, seeing as how Cena hasn’t had a title run in a while.

Finally this bout provided some actual wrestling for the fans as good back and forth action between all four stars is happening.

Vintage John Cena who hits the AA, before the pin Big Show causes the DQ. All sorts of chaos happens before Cena clears the ring and gives the fans a preview of what may happen at the MITB pay-per-view, lifting the ladder and pointing at the coveted briefcase.

Sin Cara def. Heath Slater before Bob Backlund returns and continues the losing streak of the young lion.

:In another match people don’t care about: Cole vs. Lawler is going to happen now. Cole picks-up the victory thanks to Anonymous Raw General Manager reversing the decision since Booker T disrupted the bout.

It turns out that Hornswoggle was the Anonymous Raw GM, and that is to complete a night that would make former star Ron Simmons say Dang as the whole show from start to end has not made any sense.

Daniel Bryan/Eve vs. C.M. Punk and A.J.: Probably the only other time of the night the WWE allowed their stars to wrestle and get back to the action that fans are craving for

Bryan refuses the tag from Eve to allow AJ to pick up a win, and Bryan tries to convince the crazy Diva that they should be together

Punk to AJ I am not going to marry you, says that he at least cares enough to tell her the truth unlike Bryan who is just using her

AJ just smacks the taste out of C.M. Punk and Daniel Bryan as the show once again ends with AJ just chanting the word Yes, Yes, Yes over and over again. This has to be the 10th time that the Flagship Brand has ended like this, and this fan is sure that there are many others who are tired of this storyline.

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