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Latest episode of Impact making good progress while working out the kinks

There is still a ton of kinks to work out under the Second Edition of the Hulk Hogan era in TNA/Impact. The young wrestling company has made a ton of positive progress since the Immortal One has returned to the fold as a good guy, but there are still a ton of kinks to work out.

English: Professional wrestler A.J. Styles at ...

English: Professional wrestler A.J. Styles at a TNA live event. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In terms of the overall action from the beginning to the end of the show, the Impact brand has improved by leaps and bounds-as the fans have been able to enjoy some great bouts as of late. There are still some very questionable storylines though that the brand could live without.

The biggest storyline that Impact can live without is this whole A.J. Styles/Dixie Carter one, as Christopher Daniels has tried to tarnish the image of the Phenomenal One. Thankfully the execs rewarded fans in the latest episode with a ‘Last Man Standing’ bout between these two rivals at the Destination X pay-per-view.

Impact could have done a much better job in building up to what will probably be (hopefully be) one of the best bouts of the night. One could have just had the jealousy of Daniels without dragging TNA/Impact Dixie Carter or others into the storyline.

Another head scratcher is that the crush of Madison Rayne was finally revealed to be Earl Hebner. This fan figured for sure it’d be young lion Garrett Bischoff, but instead the company went in a completely different direction.

In the things this fan is glad for department, the fact that the X-Division is being highlighted again. These amazing athletes were what the Impact/TNA brand was built on, and there should have been no reason for the company to have given up on the guys the way that they did.

Also impressive is the reign of Devon as Television Champion within the company,  it has been a long time coming for both Devon and Bully Ray to have success in singles competition….while also being a nice reward for both these lifelong stars.

Personally this fan is looking forward to seeing the Austin Aries, Bobby Roode bout at the Destination X PPV. Here is hoping that Impact does the right thing and allow these guys to tell a good story, and actually let Aries shine.

Impressing on this night were Young Lions Kenny King and Flip Kendrick who both qualified with some amazing high-flying moves for the opportunity to win the X-Division Championship. Keep an eye on both men, as they maybe two cornerstones for the Impact/TNA brand can build around.

The brand announced tonight that their Bound for Glory PPV will be located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is the first time that the company will be there and will do so on October 14.

In the end though, this fan is very glad to see that the company has made drastic improvements and is worth watching again. Yes, there is still a ton of work to be done pro-wrestling fans, but in the end I’d rather see some progress than none.

Thanks for checking out this edition of the Impact/TNA recap and as always stay tuned!

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