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1495 Sports New York Jets Coaches Quotes

1495 Sports is proud to bring these quotes from New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan, who spoke with members of the media prior to the two open days of mini-camp to the fans.

Head Coach Rex Ryan interacts with fans during the Walk With Us to Cure Lupus Event at MetLife Stadium. Photo by: Stacy Podelski

*On the goals for mini-camp:

“I think it’s very similar to our OTA’s.  You know you want to see on offense in particular the grasp of the system, the tempo that Tony’s Sparano got them going at right now, I want to see that continue, the concentration on getting away from the self-inflicted wounds, the mental mistakes, the penalties, things like that. So that’s something we’re really looking at.  And then defensively, we always talk about in the back end, it’s the communication. In the front end, we’re doing so much and interchanging guys and nail down the mental part of it.  Young players working with different guys, those are the things we want to look at.  I like to see our linebackers improving our man coverage. They have a great grasp of the system, they’re doing everything that way, but you know, work individually on that and see if we can’t see improvements in these next three practices.”

*Will quarterback Tim Tebow play with the first team during mini-camp:

“No, he will be running with the two’s and that’s where he’ll be running.”

*On whether mini-camp is a test run for Ryan’s changes designed to help him spend more time with the team:

“It’s exactly why we did it.  I wanted to do it just to get a sense of what it would be like. It is a little unusual like right now before we go to a practice to come in here and talking about injuries and talking about different things.  We hadn’t even had a practice.  But to me I think it’s the best for me. It might not be the best for us, for all of us, and for you guys in particular.   I think it will work better for me.  It will help me get a chance to meet with Mike Pettine and Dennis Thurman and all the defensive coaches in particular and watch practice.  Instead of trying to catch up on all the practice tape on my own, it’ll give me an opportunity to be with my coaches and watch the tape together.”

*On if there are any starting positions that are open to competition:

“I think you never want to limit a player. Obviously, you’ve got an idea of who’s going to be your starters and all that, but again I’ve been surprised before. I remember when Bart Scott ended up being a starter in Baltimore and I don’t think anybody thought that, that year. You certainly don’t ever want to limit your players. I think competition, as everybody says, brings out the best in everybody. And so you like to have that. Is there a sense of hey, this spot is pretty much nailed down? Yeah. But even Nick Mangold, hey you’re a Pro Bowl center, pretty good idea he’s going to start. (It’s the) same thing with David Harris and all these type of guys. But you still like that kind of uneasy feeling like guys still have to earn that starting spot. And whether that is realistic or not, you let them figure it out.”

 *On whether quarterback is among positions open for competition:


Mark Sanchez is our starter. We can say Darelle Revis is our starting corner and Antonio Cromartie. I think that’s pretty safe to say.”

*On where the offense has made the most progress:

“I’m really pleased with the type of tempo our guys are getting on that practice field. I think that they’re starting to grasp the system. They have kind of the nuts and bolts of it, but now you see improvement each day on things that we’re getting better at. I like the way we’re running our routes, I think we’re crisp in the way we’re running routes. With the communication, has there been some errors and things like that? Absolutely. But I still think we’re ahead of where I thought we would be and I think that’s a real complement to our player’s number one in the habit of being here picking up the system, but to the teachers and our coaches in particular.”

*On the biggest improvement he’s seen defensively:

“It’s our fourth season. I think the communication has been terrific. Obviously, you always want it to get better but it’s the verbal and non-verbal communication. So the hand signals, all these type of things we’re really working on. (I have) really been impressed with how Yeremiah Bell from day one stepped in, and obviously Eric Smith been a huge help there, but he stepped in and you would think he’s been running this defense for years. So that’s really been impressive. I like the way the young guys, you see them flying around now, we’ve got some guys full of energy, they’re competing. Kenrick Ellis has made great strides. I think that D-line, Karl Dunbar has done a tremendous job working with these guys. I think we’re already running our pass rush games better than we ever have since I’ve been here. So those are real positives.”

*On if there has been any change in Shonn Greene’s demeanor:

“I think he carries himself about the same. But he’s really learning the pass protections. I think that’s the biggest change. You’ll see him on third down a lot back there. (He has a) big body (and) knows where he’s going. The only thing I sense now is that he’s been there and done it. So you see that confidence, he’s still that laid-back type guy, but you can tell he’s very confident in himself.”

*On if mini-camp is the time to deal with some of the chemistry issues:

“I think every day is the time to build on it. Like I said, we’ve got a great start. I think a lot of our chemistry issues were kind of actually over the top (in terms of perception). I think the fact that I admitted some things and all that probably helped drive it this offseason. Unfortunately, that’s all they ever talked about. But if teams are thinking that internally that (chemistry) will be our biggest problem, then I hope they think that way. I hope people think that way. I will say this, and we talked about it last week and it really never got the play that I wanted it to so I’ll say it over and over (laughter) is that 99 percent attendance in a voluntary situation. 99 percent of it and somebody corrected it, 98.5 percent attendance already tells you that this team is heading in the right direction.”

*On what prominent player has impressed him most this spring:

“I think Bart Scott. I think Bart Scott and Muhammad Wilkerson on defense. Obviously the play of Revis is no surprise. Cromartie – I like the way Cro’s using his hands and everything else. I think he looks really good. But those two, Bart Scott, the way he came back, the kind of shape he’s in, the way he’s running around and leading. That’s the Bart Scott I know. Muhammad Wilkerson, I think is a guy that just keeps going like this (ascending direction). Kenrick Ellis, there’s a lot of guys like that. Offensively, I like the way Vladimir Ducasse, to me looks like a different guy. I’m not criticizing a scheme or coach or whatever, but some guys do better in different schemes. I think Vlad is very confident. The thing that was interesting about Vlad was we started him at right tackle, we kept him at right tackle, kept him there, and then all of a sudden at OTA’s we moved him to guard when Matt Slauson was out. We moved him to guard and he really looks good there. That’s something that we knew when we drafted him, when we took Vlad in the second round; we knew that it was going to be kind of a work in progress. And I think now, he’s getting better and you see the confidence growing and he’s able to showcase his ability and certainly he’s a talent. He’s also done a great job in the weight room. I like the way Mark (Sanchez) has come back. I think Sanchez has really been impressive. Obviously, you see it on the field but I think it’s the other things that maybe we don’t see which is in the classroom that I think he’s been absolutely tremendous.”

*Guys who will see limited time in Mini-Camp:

“Santonio Holmes has some tightness in a hamstring and our trainers are going to make sure they are on top of him and monitor him and how he’s doing.  I don’t want to say that he’s out or limited, but we’ll see how he does.  Stephen Hill is definitely out with a hamstring. DeMarcus Ganaway, number 87, he is in the same boat that Santonio’s in. The trainers are going to monitor him. He’s kind of had a hip thing. We’ll see how he does.  Brian Linthicum, a tight end, I haven’t seen him practice all year, I don’t believe.  He’s out with a quad, it must be a real bad one I haven’t seen him do a whole lot.  Bilal Powell’s out with a hamstring.  Jordan White obviously will be inside for treatment.  I tell you, we’re excited about him. He works his tail off.  It’s unfortunate that he had that break of a foot, but he’s training hard.  Matt Berning, is also a guy that will be inside. He’s got a knee, looks like a pretty serious knee injury. So he’ll be out.  And then the only other guys that will be monitored are Chad Schilens and Nick Folk.”

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