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With the Bosses return plenty of storylines to make Fans Stay tuned to WWE

Dolph Ziggler seen in a house show in NYC needs to have more time as a singles wrestler. Fan photo by: Stacy Podelski

It has been a long time hasn’t it WWE fans, a long time and a lot of interesting storylines later but here we are back again. There is a lot to catch up on, with the return of Vince McMahon to the company slated for June 11 so let us get to the recapping.

When The Big Show goes bad: It has been a long time coming hasn’t it WWE fans, for years The Big Show has been the lovable loser that fans enjoyed for entertainment, but now it is a different story. Now the WWE has a very angry giant on hand, and his first target is John Cena.

It seems as if Cena has angered Show with his actions in the ring, as instead of standing up for his friend John had made a mockery of the Giant being fired from the company. For this fan personally I have enjoyed the promos that Big Show has cut as a heel.

The sheer intensity that Big Show has shown has made him a more diverse person for the company, it should be interesting to see what direction the WWE will take the big guy-will they allow for his new heel character to dominate or continue to leave him lost in the shuffle.

Ryback continues dominance over jobbers: The star once known as Skip Sheffield has been allowed to dominate as of late under his new name of Ryback. Fans are just really waiting for the day to see what the young lion can do with real competition…it is time to stop feeding the star jobbers and start making a good rivalry.

Punk’s matches are gold: The crazy thing about the reign of C.M. Punk as the WWE Champion is that the Straight Edge star has quietly put together some of the best matches this fan has seen in quite some time.

Last night on Raw was a fantastic match with Kane, though this fan was hoping to see more of Punk and Daniel Bryan one-on-one before the WWE started to add anyone else.  Anyone who has a one-on-one match with Punk will equal ratings, but for some reason the people within the WWE seem to not realize that.

Yes Yes Yes! So since Daniel has started Yesing his way to arenas, fans everywhere has gotten behind the young lion. It is nice to see Bryan get more air time on Raw, as he will be one of the pieces to the future of the company.

Ziggler back in singles competition: It was great to see Dolph Ziggler back in singles competition as the ‘Show-off’ has been stuck in the tag division for quite some time now. The WWE needs to realize that Ziggler is the future and start to give him rivalries’ that will make the fans care about the young lion.

Would you please shut the heck up: Thoughts go to Chris Jericho, on this segment but instead this fan would love to have someone shut up John Laurinaitis who has overextended his stay in WWE programming.

Yes he does get great heel heat, and fans have responded to the work that the exec has done, but at the same time there does need to be a balance of good and bad. Fans do get tired of the bad guys winning all the time.

Probably the smartest move for Vince McMahon to make is to have a second person to help run Raw to keep Johnny Ace in check, this fan feel s that more people responded to the WWE programming when that was the case and it’ll definitely happen again.

Interesting rumors around professional wrestling: There were two interesting names that this fan had seen supposedly leaving TNA/Impact and heading on over to the WWE as Samoa Joe and the Motor City Machine Guns maybe leaving within the next couple of years.

Joe is expected to join the WWE at the end of the year, while the Guns may join either ROH or WWE either at the end of the year or at the start of 2013.

If the WWE were to get one of these three stars, it’d be a huge boost. At the same time though it’d be sad to see as Joe and the Guns will probably be buried with the company.

It is not like they are really getting a bunch of attention in TNA/Impact as of late though, which is something that’ll be addressed below.

Impact improving but still going backwards: As of late this fan has started to tune into TNA/Impact has liked some of the changes that have been made to the brand.  Bobby Roode has been a brilliant champion for the company since turning heel.

The one thing that still concerns this fan is the fact that Sting will be the number one contender for the strap at Slammiversary. Yes we do realize that the pay-per-view is the equivalent of WrestleMania, but is should be time for some of the younger stars to shine.

It is difficult still for Impact to try to push all of the talent with just one show though. If I were someone who worked with the company I’d talk to SPIKE TV about adding on another show on Tuesday. TNA/Impact needs to do something to push the younger lions.

Guys that this fan have enjoyed thus far is Austin Aries, the X-Division is always a treat and is one thing that Impact needs to promote more off. As always the women’s division continues to reign as one of the best in the business of professional wrestling.

It should be interesting to see what newest addition Brooke Hogan will do to help enhance the ladies, supposedly Brooke is going to elevate the Knockouts-something to stay tuned for.

Events in the Metropolitan Area: Both the WWE and Impact are going to have events in the Metropolitan Area for fans to check out.

The WWE will have their No Way Out pay-per-view at the IZOD Center on June 17 at 7:45 p.m. Impact will make their long awaited return to New York on July 21, as the company will have their BaseBrawl event at Keyspan Park, which is home of the Brooklyn Cyclones.

Thanks for checking out the highlights of the 1495 Sports Pro-Wrestling recap, and as always stay tuned!

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